Whey Protein Powder Benefits, Reviews, Side Effects And Dosage

Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein is among the best supplements that a bodybuilder can think of today. It has all the essential element that doesn’t affect your body in a wrong way. It is a commonly found supplement that is available everywhere in the market that can complete your body requirement of protein and amino acids.

It gets digested very fast, the product is known for its biological value which means that it gets absorbed quite nicely and gives good results for those looking forward to tone their body mass. One can easily avail it in its powdered form and all you have to do is mix it with milk or water. Shake well in a shaker or make use of a blender and you get a whey protein shake that is loaded with nutrients that are just perfect for your body.

Where Does it Come from

As the name suggests, it is made of whey extracted from the cheese that is made of cow milk. Milk has two major protein components that is whey and casein, casein is used in cheese and the ingredient left behind is whey.

It is further purified and transformed into a protein powder, whey protein is a mix of pH, beta-lactoglobulin, serum albumin and alpha-lactalbumin. It has various disease-fighting capabilities and has become a favorite choice of bodybuilders and athletes because of the rapid recovery and muscle development feature.

Benefits of whey protein

If you have a passion for bodybuilding you might have already thought about taking supplements or will do it in the near future. With so many supplements available you will never find anything better than Whey protein. It comes with so many advantages that it can make your muscle building experience effective and very instantaneous. Have a look at the various benefits that whey protein can offer:

Fast digestibility

Fast digestibility

Since you get the supplement in its powdered form, it has proved to be a quick fix for your protein needs. Body builders lose a lot of energy after their workout sessions and they need something that can be of great help during the protein synthesis. For them it is advisable to have protein shake within 30 minutes of the weight training regime.

Protein intake instantaneously after workout stops the production of cortisol that is a catabolic hormone. This is a stress hormone that slows down muscle growth, body needs calorie after the workout session but only a little content and an ultimate solution to it is a protein shake made out of whey protein. It is easy to make, doesn’t consume time to prepare and much easier to digest that any solid food.

Immunity And Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Whey protein powder includes glutathione that is an antioxidant needed for a stronger immunity. By regular use of this health supplement you can make your immunity stronger as extensive resistance training and exercise can reduce the level of glutathione in the body.It is also perfect for those who want to lose weight, you have to choose the protein that is low in calorie and if taken in the form of snack in between the meals can reduce your cholesterol level. Taking protein shake instead of in between snack will give you a feeling of satiety and you will no longer crave for overeating.

Lean Gains

Lean Gains

Whey protein helps in muscle repair and growth. Weight training seem to be ineffective without adequate nutrients and protein, and you need something that can be absorbed instantaneously. Whey protein increase the level of protein synthesis in muscles and avoids protein degradation. Researches have proved that lean muscle made from whey protein is 525% higher than the muscles that you gain from casein protein.

Other Health Benefits of Whey protein

Various health benefits have been noticed in the people who continue their whey protein diet. No denying the fact that every supplements has some pros and cons but here the advantages seem to be over loading.

1. It controls blood sugar by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates in the blood glucose.
2. Boosts the immunity system to fight infection
3. Alleviates depression by reducing stress, it also promotes the production of serotonin that is a calming neurotransmitter.
4. Encourages bone formation and prevents osteoporosis
5. Controls the level of insulin and enhances glucagon formation which will result in increased body mass and reduced fat in the body.
6. Increases workout time by providing extra energy.
7. Helpful in lowering cholesterol, triglycerides
8. Prevents chronic periodontal diseases and prostrate cancer.

Whey protein is perfect for body builders and athletes because of its easy absorption and how it affects the protein synthesis for muscle build up. Lactating women and pregnant women need extra protein that will needed for the development for fetus especially the development of brain.Whey protein has something good for all age group and every gender. In children it controls blood sugar so that they will never have an issue of diabetes as they grow elder. There is a feel good brain chemical which is important in growing children that is a must for focusing strength and mental clarity.Adults who are very busy in their daily routines and do not have time to look after their diet can take benefits of protein shake that will give them energy through out the day. As you get old, the protein absorbing power of body reduces, that’s when whey protein comes into action. It gives you the needed nutrients and slows down the aging process. You will hardly feel aged or sick if you take this form of protein regularly.

Side Effects Of Whey Protein

Side Effects Of Whey Protein

Intake of whey protein can lead to increase in glutathione level that is an antioxidant and gets absorbed in the liver and the blood which affects the immunity. It has a detoxifying effect on the body which might have a mild reaction in the mobilized toxins. Being a milk protein it can create allergies in people who are allergic to lactose. It can cause gastric distress to some for which it is important to make a note of upset stomach in the first few days of starting a whey protein diet.

Dosage Of Whey Protein Powder

These supplements have different effect on different body types so it sis hard to advise an actual dosage. Body supplements should be taken after consulting a physician and in case of any issues the dosages should be immediately stopped.