6 Weight Gain Supplements For Men

Weight Gain Supplements For Men

Every day we come across people who are trying to lose weight, even you might be one of them and that makes the weight loss products very popular. Where ever you turn you see people eating salads, counting calories, cutting down their diets but in the whole crowd we forgot to locate people who are genetically thin and have been looking for solution to gain weight.

Only 2% of entire population seems to happy with their body type and the rest seem to be struggling hard either to lose or gain weight. If you have certain fitness goals then this article is surely going to prove as an eye opener for men who are looking for weight gain supplements. Weight gain is not just about increasing the weight but it is all about muscle building at the right places and in the right way.

Weight gain supplement have proved to be a miracle, especially for those who are underweight and looking for immediate results. Choosing the correct product is very important as it can give you some harmful results as well and you should always choose a healthy option when it has something to do with your body.

Best Weight Gain Supplements Available In The Market For Men

There are so many products available that deciding the right one for yourself becomes a little difficult. You need to understand what exactly is your body’s requirement and it is advisable to take help from a specialist who can guide you through with the entire process of gaining weight.


This is the term used for amino acids that is present in the cell of body muscles. This is released during the workouts or any weight training program. L-glutamin can be of great help to body builder or in weight gaining. L-glutamine helps in building good muscle cells and also protect the muscles during any catabolic activity.



Glutamine supplement is recommended after half an hour of weight exercises as it speeds up gyclogen and protein synthesis in the body. However, it is important to consult a trainer so that you take the exact dose of what is needed, neither less nor more. A few popular brands of this supplement are Met-Rx, Labrada, Prolabe, EAS, and Beverly International.

Protein Powder

Protein is among the most important elements that you need for weight gain which is why bodybuilders are always recommended to take a protein-rich diet. Whey protein is the most common form of protein used as it is extracted from milk and desiccated to form powder.

It is an all-natural source of weight gain and to increase muscle mass. Experts suggest the use of whey protein within 30 minutes of weight training so that all the nutrients can be put to synthesis and muscle repair. Usually it is consumed in the form of a protein shake either mixed with water or milk.

Protein Powder

There are numerous brands that are offering protein supplements and are usually advised during the weight training program. For best results, choose something that is low in sugar as intake of extra sugar during the day will increase fat in your body and not the body mass. High protein diet along with supplement would give you immediate results.


Creatine is another best-selling supplement used by body builders. If you are looking for weight gain then you can trust creatine. You can get it in its natural form in red meat and fish, however it is not possible to get sufficient amount which is why it is recommended in its powdered form.



Creatine is usually recommended by fitness trainers as it delays muscle fatigue, it is a compound that occurs naturally but can be taken in the form of power to increase body mass. With its intake you can workout for long as Creatine delays muscle fatigue and makes it easier to extend the length of workouts. It is among the safest weight gain supplements if taken in its actual form and right dosage. Overdose of anything can be harmful.

How does it work?

Creatine helps in the growth of lean muscle as it enhances the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is useful in the movement and contraction of the muscles. Increased amount of ATP always work in the favor as it will allow you to exercise longer by encouraging your endurance. Few researches also proved that creatine can also reduce the level of bad cholesterol LDL and triglyceride.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are usually not considered a part of bodybuilding supplements as they are low in protein content which is highly needed when thinking of weight gain. But your body needs other important elements as well such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and calories to support muscle production. You can get all these essentials particularly in sports drink, this not only rejuvenates you for a longer exercise session but also reduces muscle damage.

Sports Drinks

Other Important Supplements

Testosterone boosting supplement are also effective for weight gain however it is only recommended to people above 25 years of age. This is the age when the there is a decline in hormone production and these supplements could be of great help.

omega 3 -EFAs


Flaxseed oil is another important supplement that has omega 3 -EFAs (essential fatty acids) in it. This helps in the production of hormone, improves insulin sensitivity, produces energy and also improves immunity system. 1 tbsp of flax oil contains around 120 calories that can definitely boost your body mass.

Point To Be Noted

No matter what supplements you choose or are advised by your weight trainer, it is important to have a balanced diet as well. Supplements cannot work alone, for better results you can combine it with the right choice of food. There is a huge list of food items available that can help in muscle building, choose the ones that are not only rich in calories but also in nutrients.

Consult with doctor

Achieving a proportionate weight according to your height and body type can be so much struggle. There are times when gaining weight or losing weight both seems to be like a war and you just keep fighting with it. Weight-gain supplements can be of great help but it has to be chosen very carefully and after complete guidance from a professional.

Make it a point to consult your fitness trainer and health care practitioner before you start using any supplements so that any medical complication can be ruled out that might cause trouble during your weight gaining effort.

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