4 Vitamins To Reduce Skin Melanin


Melanin is the human skin pigment which is responsible for coloration of eyes and the hair. Color and melanin amount are directly proportional. Tanning is a result of increased melanin production. Cells known as melanosomes and melanocytes contain tyrosinase when stimulated by chemicals or UV rays, stimulates production and distribution of the melanin pigment.

Sudden increase in melanin can cause hyper pigmentation, freckles, marks and age spots. Some vitamins can help you reduce the levels of melanin in the body, lighten the tone and prevent skin problems.

4 Vitamins To Reduce Skin Melanin

1. Vitamin C

Popularly known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which has anti-oxidant properties. When applied topically, vitamin C seeps deep into the skin where the melanin producing cells are located and inhibits their production.

When melanocytes are exposed to UV they produce free radicals and Vitamin C being an anti-oxidant neutralizes those harmful free radicals thereby reducing melanin formation. You can also take vitamin C along with your diet. Citrus fruits, grapefruits, berries, peppers, herbs and dark green vegetables contain Vitamin C and must be taken every day.

Vitamin C

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also known as retinol. Retin-A one of its derivatives is widely used in the manufacture of creams and lotions. Though vitamin A does not penetrate and eliminate melanin, it stimulates growth of epidermal cells. Thus, the hyper pigmented and darkened skin is replaced by new skin cells.

Regular use of retinol creams keeps your skin glowing and lightens it because it destroys the accumulated melanin pigment. You may eat foods like green vegetables, potatoes, carrots and liver which are enriched with retinol. You may purchase Retin-A creams too.

Vitamin A

3. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is also known by the name-sunshine vitamin, simply because it is the only vitamin that our body can produce when the skin exposed to sunlight. Vitamin K was previously known to strengthen the bones but now it has also gained popularity as an essential skin cream component.

In some people leaky blood capillaries leads to skin coloration and regular intake of vitamin K repairs the capillaries and normalizes skin tone. Dark circles caused due to excessive melanin production are also removed when Vitamin K is used. Besides taking Vitamin D supplementation, you can opt for foods enriched with this vitamin. Foods enriched with vitamin D are fortified cereal, fortified milk products, cod liver oil, soy and soy products and fishes.

Vitamin K

4. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is perhaps the best vitamin for all kinds of skin problems. Though Vitamin E has no direct role in inhibiting melanin pigment production it helps the skin to fight against the melanin and recover fast. The free radicals that accelerate skin problems are destroyed when Vitamin E is taken internally, owing to the extremely strong anti-oxidant property of this vitamin.

Skin cells are also rejuvenated and replaced faster thus the damaged and pigmented cells are constantly removed to give way to new, healthy skin cells. The best way to take in Vitamin E is to opt for capsules. You must also include foods rich in Vitamin E in your daily diet. Foods such as nuts, oily fishes and spinach provide high concentrations of this vitamin E. You can also apply skin creams containing wheat germ oil or aloe vera.

Vitamin E