Vitamin C To Induce Period


Irregular menstrual cycles can make any woman impatient and stressed. The reasons for a delayed menstruation can be many. For example, your periods may get delayed if you have PCOS or are stressed. Menstrual cycle may also be late if you are pregnant.

One of the most time-tested methods to induce a period (or to cause a miscarriage) is by using Vitamin C. Many who are not aware of the relationship between Vitamin C and menstruation, might not believe or agree with this theory. The truth is that Vitamin C does help in inducing period in women.

Vitamin C & Periods

It is said that Vitamin C induces menstruation by drastically reducing the amount of progesterone in the uterus and helping in shedding the endometrial lining. It also helps in relaxing the cervix that helps in expelling the menstrual materials out of the body.

In the mid 1960s, a Russian scientist conducted a study that found that high doses of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can increase the estrogen levels in the body. An increased level of estrogen might induce a delayed period or might also disrupt a pregnancy to cause bleeding. Of the twenty women who were given Vitamin C to induce their periods, 16 successfully started bleeding 3 days later.

Vitamin C also helps those women who suffer from thickened endometrial lining and have to depend on prescription drugs on a regular basis. Those suffering from Endometriosis can take Vitamin C along with flaxseed oil and calcium supplements. Apart from the above, it is widely believed that Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties that may help lessen menstrual cramps.

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Vitamin C Rich Herbs

Most women use Parsley to bring on their delayed periods. Other herbs that can be used include the following – Dong Quai, Yarrow, Pennyroyal and Ginger. It is believed that taking any one of these herb for a period of 2-3 days can effectively induce bleeding in women.However, Parsley remains the undisputed choice to bring on menstrual bleeding when pregnancy is not the cause of the delay. Parsley can be used to prepare a special type of herbal tea which then can be taken 3 times per day. Parsley helps in stimulating the uterus and dilating the cervix. In case bleeding does not start with Parsley, most women use Dong Quai along with Parsley. In the market, Vitamin C is commonly available in the form of tablets, which is another popular option in use.

Vitamin C Rich Herbs


The dosage of Vitamin C to induce periods may depend upon a lot of factors like age and body weight. The absorption of Vitamin C may be slower in women who smoke tobacco. Some women suggest taking 12 grams of Vitamin C per day in divided doses of 1 gram every two hours. This means, even during sleeping time one has to wake up and take the required dose.



Most consider Vitamin C as a safe natural supplement. However, over dose of the vitamin may lead to hemorrhage and kidney stone formation. Other common side effects of Vitamin C include – nausea, diarrhea and fatigue.

Acts As A Natural Laxative

Those women suffering from any type of kidney issues and those with sickle cell anemia should strictly avoid using Vitamin C to induce their periods.