5 Venus Fly Trap Benefits, Side Effects, Reviews And Dosage

 Venus Fly Trap Benefits, Side Effects, Reviews And Dosage

Several carnivorous plants depend on a particular prey and the choice is because of the type of trap mechanism they possess as well as the prey that is available in that region. An insectivorous plant originated from North Carolina of South eastern United States is Venus Fly Trap. The prey for this plant includes spiders, beetles, and arthropods that are crawling.

What is Venus Fly Trap?

The leaves of Venus Fly trap look like jaw which catches hold of the insects and eat them. This insectivorous plant can thrive even on soils that have poor nourishment levels as it gets the sufficient nourishment from the insects.

The leaf trap of Venus fly trap consists of sensitive hairs which gives signal to the plant to close when the plant is touched by anything else. The insects are attracted towards the plant leaves as the leaves are sweet scented.

How Does Venus Fly Trap Works?

The insectivorous plant waits until the prey falls at the desired place on the leaf to taste the sap. The insect will not be aware that it is falling as a prey for the plant. As soon as the prey is recognized by the plant, the jaws of the plant surround the prey and covers the body.

The insect struggles for some time and later the plant will digest the insect slowly. It is found that there are more than 500 different types of carnivorous plants that consume insects, spiders and other two-cell aquatic beings. The carnivorous plants have to look beautiful and attractive in order to arrest and slay the insects.

Benefits of Venus Fly Trap

Treatment of Chronic Diseases

The extract of Venus flytrap is useful in the treatment of several forms of cancer, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, chronic arthritis, herpes infections, and even AIDS. This carnivore plant extract is usually administered through inhalation or injection.

Safety Issues


The plant Venus flytrap consists of a substance called plumbagin. A research study conducted in Japan revealed that plumbagin chemical is capable of reducing the size of the tumor in the intestines. Some of the characteristics of plumbagin are that it has anti-malarial effect, anti-microbial effect and anti-inflammatory effect. Plumbagin aids in enhancing the levels of HDL or good cholesterol.


Cancer Treatment

There are reports indicating that Venus Fly trap is beneficial in shrinking solid tumors. The extract of this plant is reported to be functioning for any type of cancers except for leukemia. This plant extract is found to be working for cancer treatment even more when the patient has not undergone any radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Cancer Treatment

Improves the Immune System Components

The extract of Venus Fly trap is known to be functioning well in patients suffering from HIV virus. This plant extract and its formulations are known to be working effectively in enhancing the function and number of T-helper cells as well as the immune system components.

An experiment regarding the increase of T-helper cell count is conducted by Dr. Keller from Boston University. The pharmaceutical extract synthesized by Dr. Keller was called as Carnivora.

Improves the Immune System Components

Reviews of Venus Fly Trap

1. A patient called Betty Williams from Ames at Iowa aged 65 years was diagnosed with inflammatory breast disease. The disease that she had is considered lethal and she was left with no hope of survival after she finished taking her treatment from cancer doctors.

She came to know about Dr. Keller carnivore treatment and approached him for the same. She was administered with the medicine for three hours per day in the form of intravenous injection.  The patient could recover well.

2. The reporter for Herb Quarterly, Morton Walker reported that former US President Ronald Reagan regularly used Venus Fly trap extract. After a colon polyp surgery, Mr Reagan was sent to a place at Germany to take the extract of Venus Fly trap to cease the cancer spread.

It is also reported that the President took from then onwards 30 drops of the Venus flytrap extract mixed in water or tea every day for about 4 times every day.

Side effects of Venus Fly trap

If the Venus fly trap extract was administered as an injection, some problems like fever, vomiting and nausea were observed.

Side effects

If the extract is applied topically on the surface of the body, a few people were reported to have suffered from skin problems. The chemical called plumbagin taken from this plant is known to cause skin rashes, diarrhea and liver damage.


This plant products are available in liquid or capsule form. The extract in liquid form is usually injected into the veins and sometimes applied under the tongue. No dosage or route of the drug is specific for Venus fly trap extract. One of the manufacturers suggests to use the extract directly while another suggests to dilute 15 to 30 drops of extract in water prior to the injection or swallowing.


Drug Interactions

The liquid form of the Venus fly trap extracts consist of 25 percent or 30 percent of alcohol which might interact with the drugs like metronidazole and disulfiram.

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