Top 9 Vitamins For Pimples

Almost 50 percent of women on earth are worried about their pimple problems. Pimples are tiny spots on face which ruin its smoothness results dark spot. Later it takes long time to get back original glowing face; also pimple makes skin appearance somewhat unclean and messy. Some pimples stay for some time and disappear on its own. While some pimples stay for long and require a treatment for disappearing. Mostly people tend to use some supplements or home remedies which can help in reducing the symptoms of pimples. It highly depends on our lifestyle and eating habits.

Here Are Some Of The Best Supplements Which Are Known To Reduce Pimple Problems:-

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known to control pimples. It is basically found in sunlight. If pimples are appearing frequently on your skin, then there are high chances that there is a deficiency of vitamin D. It’s good to get some sunlight exposure to get enough of this vitamin. Therefore you must make practice to get up early morning and walk on the street or park, so that your skin can expose to sun shine directly and early morning sun shine is the common source where abundant of vitamin D is available.[1]

Vitamin D

2. Vitamin E

It is observed that, the deficiency of vitamin E is also known to cause pimples. If you modify your food habits so that there is sufficient intake of vitamin E, then the frequency of pimples may be reduced to a great extent. Almonds and kiwi fruit are a good source of the vitamin E.[2]


3. Vitamin B5

According to a popular dermal study, vitamin B5 may reduce pimple frequency a lot. It is known to help in stress reduction, eventually contributing to pimple control as stress is the cause of pimples many times, especially in women.[3]

Vitamin B5

4. Vitamin A

Regular consumption of vitamin A is known to reduce pimples up to a great extent. The best benefit which Vitamin A has to offer is strengthening the protective layer of skin so that pimples do not occur so easily. Vitamin A also plays a great role in the detoxification of the body which can reduce the formation of pimples on the skin. Vitamin A mostly found in vegetables, therefore you must make habit to consume sufficient vegetable to avoid formation of pimples on your skin.[4]

 Vitamin A

5. Zinc

According to popular reviews of dermal studies, zinc is a popular mineral that can aid a lot in acne and pimples solution. Many people consume it orally as a supplement. Oil formation in skin can cause pimples, which is greatly reduced by zinc.[5]


6. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This acid is known to control acne and pimples because of its anti- Inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the basic root cause of pimples. Fish is the rich source of omega-3.[6]

 Omega-3 Fatty Acids

7. Selenium

This element is proved to be a controlling agent in acne world. It is basically known to reduce the acne inflammation. It is mostly found in seafood, grains and nuts.[7]


8. Flaxseed Capsules

These capsules are a strong source of omega-3 fatty acids. If the acne is of the most difficult level and is not getting controlled by normal home remedies, then one can easily go for flaxseed capsules as they are known to contribute a lot in controlling pimples.[8]

Flaxseed Capsules

9. Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex is a group of eight vitamins namely, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. All these vitamins do magic as a group. They are known to be highly advantageous for overall health and good in reducing pimples.[9]

Vitamin B Complex