Top 9 Supplements For Healthy Immune System

It is really important to have a strong immune system. A weak immune system is a victim of diseases. A person with low immunity gets easily affected by diseases and takes a long time to recover from a wound or illness. On the contrary, a person with strong immune system is fit overall and can easily recover from minor and major illnesses like weather change, fever and other medical conditions. Immunity is not something which is already inside you. It has to be built externally. It highly depends on our lifestyle and eating habits.

Here Are Some Of The Best Supplements Which Are Known To Provide A Healthy Immune System:-

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is necessary for the body to have a sound immune system. It helps in fighting against the viruses which cause cough and cold easily. Some rich sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits like orange, grapes, kiwi, papaya and strawberries. So eating these foods and fruits regularly can make you healthy and fit.[1]

 Vitamin C

2. Iron

Iron is essentially required by the human body for a healthy immune system. Without iron, your body may feel anemic and deficient of important vitamins and minerals. Some foods which are rich in iron are tofu, whole grains, dark chocolate and beef. Eating iron-rich foods are also a good option for boosting immune system.[2]


3. Almonds

Almonds are a rich source of nutrients. It is known to be a good source of Vitamin E. Although it contains fat, this fat may aid in lowering cholesterol levels. So you should make a habit of eating almond almost every day.[3]


4. Calcium

Calcium is an important ingredient for healthy bones and muscles. Milk and eggs are rich sources of calcium. Many people even start taking calcium tablets to fill up the deficiency. If you want to boost your immune system, then calcium-rich foods are the great option.[4]


5. Spinach

This green superfood aids a lot in making immune system strong. It is known to contain high percentage of vitamin C, vitamin A and magnesium. It may protect us from medical conditions like cancer, heart disease and vision problems. Spinach is easily available at almost everyone’s backyard or at your nearest supermarket, so getting spinach will never be a difficult task.[5]


6. Apple

Someone has rightly said that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Apples are known to be a rich source of fiber. It may help in lowering cholesterol levels in our body. It also contains vitamin C in abundance.[6]


7. Protein

Protein is essential for human body, especially for the people who are involved in vigorous workout sessions multiple times a week. Tissues get break while exercising and their repair is performed by proteins inside the body. Egg whites, sprouts and chick peas are good source of protein.[7]


8. Turmeric

Turmeric is a popular Indian spice. It is antiseptic and can help in fast healing of any wound. It can also be taken with milk as a magic drink for boosting immune system. It is known to contain anti-oxidants which help in killing viruses inside the body and increasing immunity.[8]


9. Juice

People are fond of drinks. Instead of aerated drinks, vegetable juice and fruit juice should be preferred. If taken in a regular routine, they may help a lot in building up a strong immune system. The best part is it can add flavor to the taste also as there are a lot of options for making juices.[9]