Top 5 Supplements For Dry Hair

One always want to look best and for this everyone do a lot of things like having supplements, using packs etc. The one problem which is faced by most is the issue of dry hair. This issue is caused because there is less of oil and moisture present in the hair. It further increases when we often wash our hair, frequent use of dryers and the styling products for setting of style in hair. To remove this problem one do lot of things in order to make them smooth and silky. It can also cause due to some of the deficiencies for which one need to take the supplements which will reduce or remove those deficiencies from the body.

Some Of The Supplements Which Can Be Taken For Dry Hair Are:

1. Omega 3 Fatty Acid 

one can get this fatty acid from the sea food. The fishes like Salmon, Mackerel and Sardines have huge quantity of omega 3 fatty acid. One need to take this as human body is incapable to make this in body. These fats are healthy for us and for this one need to take them through food or from supplements like the sea cord oil capsules etc. this build the immunity and help the body to fight against various diseases. This is also needed by our body for the growth of hair and to make it shiny.[1]

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

2. Vitamin B5

One can have this through greek yogurt. It will prevent the hair loss and by getting it thin. It has huge content of protein which helps in making the hair shine. As protein work as building block for the cells and hairs. This also helps in the flow of blood in the body and around the scalp also. This in turn will increase the hair growth and make it shiny. Vitamin B5 is also known by the name as Panthothenic acid which is being used by various products for the skin and hair care. One can consume this to increase the growth of hair and make it lustrous.[2]

Vitamin B5

3. Iron

If there is deficiency of Iron than there would be loss of hair. One can have this through the cereals, pastas, grain, soybeans etc. This will make the strength of the roots and will increase the growth of hair as well as make it shiny. The one who are non vegetarian can have beef and specially the meat of organ like liver which contains good amount of Iron. Even the green leafy vegetables and shellfish also contain Iron.[3]


4. Vitamin A 

this protects the hair from getting dull and dry. It helps the glands which are present in our scalp to produce the oil fluid known as sebum. This oil prevents the hair to become dry and dull. Sweet Potato contains huge amount of beta Carotene. It is anti oxidant which is good for the health and hair. The body has the tendency to convert beta carotene to Vitamin A. One can find beta carotene in the fruits as orange, mangoes etc and various vegetables like Carrots, cantaloupe, pumpkin etc.[4]

Vitamin A

5. Biotin

Biotin is also known by other name as Vitamin B. this helps in the growth and strengthening of hair. If this is not there in body with sufficient quantity then it could lead to loss of hair. One can have this through egg. If one eats egg then one gets good amount of Biotin as well as protein and iron which is essential for the hair growth and to make it shinny and lustrous. Biotin also improves the metabolism protects different parts of body from various diseases. It also strengthens the nails of finger and reduces the brittleness as well as reduces the dullness of hairs.[5]


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