Top 10 Supplements For Meningitis

Meningitis is a medical condition in which inflammation occurs around the lining surrounding the brain and spinal cord. It can be bacterial or viral. Mostly, the bacterial one is caused by a famous bacterial agent known as meningococcal. The viral form is not that much risky for life. It is still a controlled situation. But if occurred in children, then it is definitely life threatening. To fight this disease, the immunity has to be strong because the medical conditions create a drop in immunity. People who have a healthy lifestyle otherwise can get healed faster. Even if some blessed people may survive this serious disease, but still the after-effects are quite dangerous. They may suffer from poor concentration, headaches, and fatigue and hearing problems.

Here Are Some Of The Supplements Which Are Proved To Be Quite Beneficial In The Medical Condition Of Meningitis:-

1. Garlic

This is a natural method which is quite effective for meningitis. It has got amazing anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which provide immunity against this disease. To get rid of meningitis you should add garlic in your Meal and for better result can prepare garlic soup then have it before bed time.


2. American Ginseng And Chlorella

This supplement is a go down of all the essential elements required to heal meningitis due to its great detoxification nature.[2]

American Ginseng And Chlorella

3. Colloidal Silver

This is a natural antibiotic whose important ingredient is ionic silver. It has got extra-ordinary qualities to control meningitis. It is a strong antiseptic. But its dosage should be strictly under the direction of a doctor. It should not be consumed just like that.[3]

 Colloidal Silver

4. Extract Of Olive Leaf

This is another magic supplement which is known to provide good relief from meningitis. It increases immunity for fighting against such a big disease. It has got healing qualities. It can be used in various forms like capsule or in liquid form.[4]

Extract Of Olive Leaf

5. Ginseng

This is a Chinese herb which has got awesome healing capabilities that make it an important component of medicines prescribed during meningitis. If consumed daily, it improves the immunity, making the healing process easier. This herb is taken as capsule, tea bag or tincture. Therefore make habit of consuming ginseng and get control over meningitis.[5]


6. Astralgus

This natural method is loaded with inherent healing capabilities that can boost immune system. This herb can do wonders if consumed in the very starting stage as it controls all the symptoms. It is also known as milk vetch because of the rejuvenation it provides to the immune system of the body. It can be categorized as the best herb for curing meningitis. It does magic if consumed 3-4 times a day.[6]


7. Cat’s Claw

It is an herb found in Central and South America and is quite popular among its natives since many years. It is quite often recommended by medical professionals. This herb is quite effective in reducing the inflammation and curing meningitis.[7]

Cat’s Claw

8. Reishi Mushroom

It is referred as a mushroom of immortality by the famous doctors. The reason behind this is the potential curable qualities which it possesses. Basically, the stem part is the most commonly used extract in medicine which improves immunity a lot. It can even be consumed with normal meals like in vegetables and rice by preparing in form of curry.[8]

Reishi Mushroom

9. Steroids

Meningitis is related to brain. If the patient feels pressure in the brain, then mostly doctors prescribe medications containing steroids. Both children and adults can take it.[9]


10. Cranberry

Although less popular, but various research studies have found that cranberry contains some anti-bacterial properties. They can be effective if meningitis is not much severe. Having cranberries in daily routine can reduce the risk of meningitis.[10]