9 The Best Supplements For Building Muscle

Supplements For Building Muscle

If you walk into a local store looking for health supplements, it can be a very confusing task to find the best among all. With so many options available when you don’t know what exactly is going to suit you then the choice can become a little tricky. The first and the foremost thing to keep in mind is that you just don’t need supplements for building muscles.

It should speed up your workout process, the right choice of supplement can be good for muscle growth and also repair the damaged ones. People must understand the nutritional value of whatever they consume and notice the weight gain that they exactly need. The most important all are protein, multi-vitamins and creatine but here is a list of various supplements that can work wonders for you.

9 Muscles Building Supplements

High Protein Diet

High Protein diet

Without protein it is impossible to build muscle as the body muscles are made of water and protein so you need at least 30 % of calories in the form of proteins. It is easily available in animal sources like chicken, beef or fish and plant products such as seeds, nuts and beans are a good source.It is important to change the diet with time so that to get the desired amino acids as they are the building blocks of body muscles. In totality there are around 20 amino acids and every protein source has a different level of it so try to get as many possible.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Consuming fish oil should be a must in your diet whether you are training or not. The two essential ingredients that fish oil has is DHA and EPA that are the chains of omega 3 fatty acids needed for proper functioning of the body.Omega 3 fatty acid is beneficial to fight cardiovascular diseases, brain health, joint health, eye health and also fight inflammation. The richest sources are cold water fishes like tuna, salmon, cod etc and the easiest source is taking omega 3 fatty acids in the form of oil or soft gel supplement.The Recommended doze of Omega 3 is 1.5-3g/day but those who are involved in high intensity weight training need higher EFAs keeping it up to 5 grams a day.



Creatine is naturally occurring thing and among the most researched substance for muscle gain. Today it is widely used by the fitness industry because the effect of the supplement can be quickly felt when looking forwards to gain strength. Creatine is produced by the liver and stored in our body as creatine phosphate.

It is stored in the skeletal muscle where it refills the body’s primary fuel that is ATP or adenosine triphosphate. Creatine is available in various form but the commonly used among all is Creatine Monohydrate.

Beta Alanine (BA)

Beta Alanine

It is one of the non essential amino acid that is naturally occurring and gets into the body through protein rich diet especially poultry. It has been used as a performance enhancer as it increases the level of carnosine and it can be increased up to 60% within 4 weeks.

Increasing intra-muscular level is important because high intensity workouts accumulates excess of hydrogen that drops the pH level of the body and can lead to reduced muscle performance, fatigue, even muscle failure. Beta Alanine (BA) delays the hydrogen accumulation, elevate endurance, improves energy and enhances performance.

Protein Powder

Protein Powder

One doesn’t gain muscle easily because they do not take sufficient amount of protein and the only excuse is “I cannot take that much of protein or meat”. If muscle building is your goal then your body needs at least 2g protein/kilogram body weight. Taking whole food especially meat is a good idea but if your body is not able to get the required protein supply choosing protein powder is also sensible.

The various types of protein available are whey protein, milk protein, beef protein, egg protein, soy protein, etc. Whey is among the most commonly used protein but not the best of all and cannot be used as a substitute for protein powder because it easily gets absorbed in the blood stream and you need something that takes time to be digested.



This supplement is trusted for the ability to minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue during an intensive workout. This is quite beneficial for elevate endurance and increased body threshold. Those who take glutamine on regular basis can lift heavy weight and that too for a longer duration.

It is also effective in improving the immune system, glutamine is an healthy option that enhances growth hormones which is a positive sign for those who want to increase body muscles. Muscle tissues need nitrogen for development and glutamine contains around 20% nitrogen.

BCAA – Branched Chain Amino Acids


Muscles are made of proteins and protein is a composition of amino acids so you need excess of protein to grow your body muscles. The best solution for this is BCAA that is a combination of 3 essential amino acids that are leucine, valine and isoleucine. These amino acids are not formed in the body so have to be taken in the form of food.BCAA is basically used by skeletal muscle like a fuel in case of heavy loading. There are various other substrates for which it is used, for producing energy, protein synthesis, formation of amino acids such as glutamine and alanine.It is important because it prevents the breakdown of body muscle cells when you undergo high intensity training. 10 gms BCAA, 10-15 minutes before the session is ideal if you are empty stomach or 5 grams around 10-15 minutes before every meal.

Complex Carbs And Healthy Fats

Healthy Fats

Going on a high protein diet for building muscle is important but you cannot completely cut down on the fats and carbohydrates. Around 40 to 60% of the daily calories had to come from carbs and fats but only from the healthy source and not just anything. They help the muscle from breakdown, make your muscle look bigger, and helps in the production of testosterone that stands high among the muscle building hormones.



While weight training body’s requirement for minerals and vitamin increases eventually. To maximize the potential of muscle building potential including multivitamins is a wise decision. Multivitamins are the best supplements that your body ever needs but always consult a physician about the type and dosages before initiating any supplementary plan. Eating the right food along with needed supplements work extremely well for muscle growth.