10 Best Nutritional Supplements For Cycling

Nutritional Supplements For Cycling

In addition to rigorous training, nutritional supplements are a must for sportsmen and athletes. It becomes much more important when you choose a high-intensity endurance sport like cycling. Cycling itself as a sport is not that easy and if you are an endurance cyclist, then you might be facing enormous energy, weight and fluid loss and muscle breaks. Furthermore, the extensive training schedules would literally sap your energy leaving you totally worn out.

However, in order to continue with your training you need to quickly regain your health, and for this, you would definitely need some dietary supplements which would help you not only to meet the dietary requirements, but also to recover fast and get ready for the next training session.

When it comes to choosing nutritional supplements, it is like picking up the pearl from the sea. Once you step into a health food store, you would be in a dilemma as to what and what not to choose. With the wide range of products displayed before you, and of course each one having its own claims to make, choosing the right ones suitable for you would be the real task.  Hence, to save you from such situations, here is a brief list of some of the supplements which can greatly benefit you as a cyclist.

Some Of The Best Dietary Supplements For Cyclists

1. Whey Protein

Proteins should be the primary diet for cyclists. Besides taking proteins in the form of meat, chicken, beans and diary products in your regular diet, taking whey protein supplements during the exercising sessions would be extremely beneficial. As whey protein is high in its profile of amino acids, bioavailability and fast absorbing properties, it aids in speedy recovery and the repairing and building up of the muscles.

Hence, taking a serving of a whey protein shake immediately after a hard training session would give you the required stamina for a further ride.  Moreover, a whey protein shake is easy to prepare and consume and is cost effective when compared to other counterparts of protein source such as meat and poultry.

Whey Protein

2. Multivitamins

This is something which is very vital for every sportsman irrespective of whether he is a cyclist or not. By taking a multivitamins supplement, you would be providing your body the required minerals and vitamins required for energy production and recovery functions, which are generally lost during the tedious training episodes.Though multivitamins would not help you in boosting up your performance immediately, they will actually aid in the process.  Hence, taking one tablet a day would be enough to meet your daily nutrient requirements.


3. Fish Oils

Fish oil is said to contain omega 3 fatty acids and it is loaded with numerous health benefits.  Thus, it is a must-have supplement for the cyclists next to the multivitamins. Taking fish oil everyday strengthens your immune system, improves your cholesterol levels and keeps your heart healthy. Moreover, it is also shown to enhance the level of performance and therefore as a cyclist you should not forget to include this important item in your list of nutritional supplements.

Fish Oils

4. Electrolytes

It is common for cyclists to sweat a lot during training sessions and this can lead to rehydration and loss of fluids from the body.  Taking electrolytes would help you in regaining the fluids and it will also maximize recovery. Electrolytes can be taken by mixing it along with other fluids and this would be more beneficial during hot weathers.


5. Creatine

It is a supplement suitable for power based sports activities, especially for the sprinters. Creatine has an amazing ability to increase the strength and it gives you the power required for the repeated high intensity exercises.Hence, it is the popular choice of most of the power athletes. However, this supplement should be taken carefully as this can cause bloating and extracellular water retention in the body, which can create problems for you as a cyclist.


6. Caffeine

Taking caffeine as a supplement is said to increase performance in high endurance sports activities. Caffeine is generally known to boost energy, stimulate the central nervous system and increase the metabolic rate. Usually, athletes and especially, pro cyclists take caffeinated drinks or caffeine supplements on a regular basis to delay the time of exhaustion during the rides.  Though there are differing opinions about caffeine as a sports supplement, it will always be better to experiment it personally before using it.


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7. ZMA

ZMA is a supplement which boosts the strength and increases the testosterone levels in the body. Usually, cyclists are said to suffer much of zinc and magnesium deficiency when compared to the inactive individuals. As ZMA contains components such as Zinc monomethionine aspartate, vitamin B6 and magnesium aspartate it can fulfill this deficiency and assist in fighting fatigue, post exercise recovery process, energy production and enhancing immunity.


8. BCAAs

Generally, Branch Chain Amino Acids are said to benefit in building up of the muscles. They are rich in muscle protein contents and they enhance energy production. Although cyclists do not aim to maximize their muscle growth, still including this supplement in your diet regime is important as it is an excellent source of protein and a best source of energy to your muscle cells.


9. Beta Alanine

It is an amino acid capable of increasing the muscle carnosine. Excessive and intense exercising may cause building up of lactic acid in the muscles, which leads to burning sensation during exercising.Beta Alanine has a propensity to form L–carnosine, which helps in buffering the lactic acid formation and thereby increases the muscle endurance for a longer period. Hence, Beta Alanine could be an ideal nutritional supplement for cyclists.

Beta Alanine

10. Glutamine

Generally, people involved in endurance sports like cycling are said to suffer from low glutamine levels. This can profoundly impact the immune system, and due to this, many of them become susceptible to infections. Hence, supplementing glutamine in your diet can help you in restoring your immunity and thus, it can enhance your post exercise recovery.


Nutritional supplements are very important to keep you healthy during sports activities.  Besides having healthy natural diets, even a professional or a best trained cyclist may feel the need for dietary supplements, because, having healthy food alone is not sufficient for high endurance sports activities. Though supplements are necessary, its side effects also could not be ignored. Hence, it is always advisable to take these supplements under the guidance of a sports physician and take the servings of these supplements as per his/her prescriptions.