butea superba

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St.Botanica Butea Superba 60 Caps , , .

St. Botanica Butea Capsule is an amazing dietary supplement for men. It helps in reducing sexual dysfunction and maintaining healthy sexual function in men. Butea Superba is an herb indigenous to Thailand, where it is known as Red Kwao Krua. …

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St.Botanica Butea Superba Gel AND Butea Superba 60 Caps , , , .

St. Botanica Butea Superba Gel

Butea Superba Gel easily passes through the penile skin and enters the penile tissues to help improve sexual function. Butea Superba contains certain compounds that mimic the hormones that control sexual activities in men. It …

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St.Botanica Cupidrex Serum AND Butea Superba Caps , , , .

St. Botanica Cupidrex Serum

Massaging the genitals with Cupidrex Serum helps in nourishing the male sex organ. The main ingredient in the product is Butea Superba, an herb known for its androgenic activity. Butea Superba extract is known to help …

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