2 Potential Dangers Of The Overuse Of Vitamins

Overuse Of Vitamins
As it is a known fact that vitamins and minerals play a vital role in promoting good health, many of us are still unaware of the consequences of using them in the excess of the recommended amounts.  Yes, just as vitamins deficiency is dangerous for health, an overdose of vitamins can also be equally harmful. 

Thinking that popping up some extra multivitamin pills will provide some additional benefits is totally a wrong notion, and people who happen to do so usually would find their health deteriorating instead of improving.  As it is always said that too much of anything is too bad, it stands good even in this case and therefore it is important that the vitamin supplements are to be taken only as per the recommended dosage.

Usually, our body gets the sufficient vitamins and nutrients from the intake of our daily diet.  But, sometimes additional supplements are recommended for some people like patients of mal nutrition, pregnant and menopausal women and those suffering from mal absorption and other diseases, as for these people diet alone may not be sufficient to make up the vitamins required for the body.  So, vitamin supplements have to be taken along with the regular diet only if it is needed and in any case, taking vitamins more than as required is detrimental to the health and it may lead to vitamin toxicity.

What Is Vitamins Overuse Or Vitamins Toxicity?

Vitamins Toxicity

Vitamins overuse simply means the over consumption of vitamins in excess of what the body actually needs.  This may occur in several ways.  It may be an excessive usage of a single vitamin supplement, or it may be a combination of vitamin supplements with pharmaceutical grade vitamins, or sometimes it may also happen that one may pop on a vitamin pill and also have a nutritious diet in addition, causing an overdose of vitamins.  The consequences arising after taking excess vitamins is known as vitamin toxicity.

Effects Of Vitamins Overuse

Effects Of Vitamins Overuse

When vitamins are overdosed they lead to certain ill-effects, which may be both short term as well as long term.  Short term effects are those that are experienced immediately or within a short period of overdosing the vitamins, and on the other hand long term effects may develop gradually and their ultimate consequences can be fatal.So, when one is overdosed of vitamins, he/she may immediately feel some of the effects like dizziness, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, pain in the abdomen, headache, muscle weakness, joint pain, insomnia, increase or decrease of the blood pressure, rapid heart beat, hair loss or sudden weight loss.

While the above effects are immediate, an overdose of vitamins can also have certain long term effects which are usually slow but can lead a person to coma or death if not diagnosed and treated in time.  A vitamin overdose can gradually cause damage to the body tissues, and it may severely affect the bones, liver, kidneys, nerves and the brain.

Treatment For Vitamins Overdose

Treatment For Vitamins Overdose

Once a person experiences the immediate symptoms of a vitamins overdose, he/she has to contact a medical practitioner immediately.  As these symptoms are usually common for any kind of ailment, the doctor may first diagnose your case and try to understand if these symptoms are due to the overdose of vitamins, or due to any other health concern.

He may make some inquiries to know the details like the diet that had been consumed, the pills taken if any and he may also ask for the product name and its dose in order to have a better understanding of the situation.  If he finds that the case involves a vitamins overdose, he may then prescribe some medications to minimize the symptoms and bring back the nutrient levels of the body to the normal.Though treatment is possible, it is always better to avoid an overdose of vitamins than to seek for its cure.  Initially, one has to understand the reality that taking excess vitamins is always poisonous to health and only by avoiding its overuse by all means that one can get the expected benefits out of it.

Hence, in order to avoid overdosing, one should always take vitamins only as per the dosage recommended by a doctor.  He/she should never go for a dietary supplemental plan on his/her own, and always seek the assistance of a trained medical professional in chalking out an appropriate plan.  Moreover, it is always advised to keep children away from handling vitamins and they should never be administered any dosage of vitamin supplements without consulting a medical practitioner.  Thus, by following some of these measures one can avoid the misuse and put the vitamins to the right use for which they are actually meant for.