Oatstraw Benefits, Side Effects, Reviews And Dosage

Weight loss seems to be the most common and popular topic today, and there has been a significant increase in the number of new products arriving in the market, all catering to weight loss and low calories. Healthy diet options are now being introduced and more and more people are embracing it wonderfully. Read below to know more about some wonderful benefits and proper dosage of oatstraw.

What is Oatstraw?

Herbs and foods can help naturally reduce weight, and also help treat particular health conditions, especially oatstraw. Read on to know more about the benefits, side effects, reviews and dosage of oatstraw.

How does Oatstraw Work? 

Oatstraw is laden with beneficial components and substances that help provide essential nutrients to the body and maintain overall health

Benefits of Oatstraw

Oatstraw includes both-the oats and the stalk i.e. the entire plant. Oats alone have been widely used as a breakfast option for diet conscious people, but studies suggest that oatstraw contains much higher vitamin A and vitamin C levels than oats alone. Read below to learn more about the different benefits of oatstraw.

Benefits For The Musculoskeletal System

joint pain

Oatstraw, being a rich source of calcium, is excellent for bone development and maintenance of the musculoskeletal system. It has also been used widely as a natural treatment for joint pain.

Oatstraw For Blood Sugar

Oatstraw For Blood Sugar

Both oats and oatstraw are highly efficient in controlling blood sugar levels. This can be quite beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes.

Oatstraw For Cholesterol

Oatstraw For Cholesterol

high blood cholesterol levels are common today, due to an increased consumption of processed foods loaded with unhealthy fats. Oatstraw can be used as an effective treatment for patients having high blood cholesterol levels, particularly those suffering from arthrosclerosis.Oatstraw is loaded with anti inflammatory, antioxidant and cholesterol lowering properties which make it one of the best foods for patients suffering from heart diseases.

Oatstraw For Mental Ailments

Mental Ailments

Oatstraw extracts are also known for their efficiency in improving memory and concentration. A research published in the ‘Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine’ showed that oatstraw may increase cognitive power among some patients.

Other Uses Of Oatstraw


Other Uses Of Oatstraw

Apart from all these, oatstraw consumption is also known to have added benefits. Some of them include relief from fever, sores, and ulcers, swelling of tissues, toothache, circulation problems, muscle cramps, symptoms of cancer and more. Oatstraw extracts can also be used as a tonic and a stimulant.

For some patients, oatstraw is thought to stimulate increased sexual response and reduce uterine pain, vaginal dryness, bladder spasms, incontinence, headaches, erratic sleep patterns, circulatory problems and ailments of the pancreas and liver.

Side Effects Of Oatstraw

Side Effects Of Oatstraw

Overconsumption of oatstraw could lead to certain serious problems including stomach and bowel problems, digestive tract infections, irritable bowel syndrome and more.Pregnant women are advised to avoid consumption of oatstraw during their pregnancy period.

Drug Interactions of Oatstraw

Just like any other herbal remedy, oatstraw does have a few drug interactions which can be harmful if not paid attention to. oatstraw extracts may also interfere with the functioning of certain medications.

Proper Dosage for Oatstraw

proper dosage is essential for consumption of oatstraw to avoid any possible side effects. Visit a nutritionist to determine the appropriate dosage for oatstraw. If you are currently under medication, especially if you are consuming antacids, proton pump inhibitors and h2-blockers, avoid consuming oatstraw as it may interfere with the functioning of the medications.


Oatstraw has a wide range of uses in the treatment of many conditions. It is among the best diet options for those aiming for weight loss in a natural way.