Mexican Wild Yam Benefits, Sources, Dosage and Deficiency

Mexican Wild Yam Benefits, Sources, Dosage and Deficiency

There are many benefits that you can get from natural products. It is not necessary to go for artificial flavors or supplements every time. Yams are one type of root stems that are effective in many cases. In this article we will explore the different aspects such as benefits, sources, dosage and deficiency of Mexican wild yams.

What Are Mexican Wild Yams?

Mexican wild yams or Dioscorea floribunda are yams grown in Mexico mostly. These are known to be beneficial for females. Creams made out of these yams are rich in progesterone. It has good antispasmodic properties and is also known for its herbal applications. Mexican yams can be taken in the form of raw tubers or as creams that are available in local stores.

How Does It Help Us?

Mexican yams work on the human female body by converting chemicals into hormone known as progesterone. Progesterone is known to regulate the female menstrual cycle. It works by balancing the hormones during periods.

menstrual cycle in females


This hormone can be prepared using Mexican yams. Besides Mexican yam also contain the steroid saponin aglycone diosin which is converted to diosgenin in the body. Diosgenin gets absorbed into the bloodstream by the mucous membranes. This helps in the regulation of estrogen, another hormone responsible for menstrual cycle in females.

Sources Of Mexican Wild Yams

Mexican Wild Yams

Mexican yams can be easily purchased from the local markets or in departmental stores. You can also purchase creams made out of Mexican yams that can be applied on the skin and offer the same benefits.

Different Benefits Of Mexican Wild Yams

In Healing Cramps

Healing Cramps

There are many benefits of Mexican yams especially for women. These yams can be taken at times when women go through their menstrual cycle. There can be occasional cramps. These yams can help in lessening the cramps because of its antispasmodic properties.

In Improving Bile Flow

Bile Flow

Apart from these, yams can help in improving the flow of bile in the body.

In Improving Liver Condition

Liver Condition

It helps in improving the overall health of the liver.

Helps In Improving Bowel Movement

Bowel Movement

Mexican yams can help in a great way for improving the movement of bowels in your intestines. The diuretic effect caused because of these herbs together with its antispasmodic action can help in relieving the painful contractions of the urinary tract.

For Relaxing The Muscles

Relaxing The Muscles

These yams can be taken to soothe the tired muscles. It can also help in relaxing the nerves of your body.

In Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The steroidal saponins present in these yams are anti-inflammatory, which makes it a good option for treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Treating The Nervous Conditions


If you happen to suffer from nervous conditions such as nervousness or restlessness you can easily depend on these herbal, non toxic remedy.

Dosage Of Mexican Wild Yams


While taking Mexican yams in any form you need to consult a physician to know the correct dosage. Dosage becomes very important for women who seem to take these herbs for granted at times of their menstrual cramps. It has been suggested that yams can be used as hormone replacement therapy. There are many procedures through which yams are clinically manufactured into hormones known as progesterone and estrogen. It thus become essential to know the correct dosage as our body might not be able to accumulate the hormones in this way.

Deficiencies Symptoms Of Mexican Wild Yams


There is no notable deficiency symptom for Mexican yams. You can take these herbs in limited amounts under medical supervision. But there are no such health hazards if you do not take it at all. In fact, it would be advisable not to take it without medical supervision.

Other Considerations


One word of caution for pregnant women and lactating mothers is that they should not take Mexican yams in any form as the antispasmodic properties of these herbs can lead to miscarriages and other complications.

Side Effects And Overdose Of Mexican Yams


Mexican yams can also have a few side effects. If you are planning to take these yams during pregnancy you need to be very cautious as the anti spasmodic properties of these yams could lead to miscarriages. Besides it’s overdose is also harmful. It is harmful because the chemical Diosgenin present in these yams could react with estriol present in the female body. An overdose could lead to complications during child birth and can also make all birth control measures ineffective.

How To Store?

Mexican yams can be stored in the form of capsules or creams that are easily available in any drug store.

Possible Drug Interactions

You need to avoid these yams if you have been already prescribed medicines by your doctor for menstrual cramps or pregnancy. Any extra dosage could lead to imbalance in crucial hormones such as progesterone and estrogen.