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Hair Thickening Vitamins For Women

By on June 4, 2012

hair thickening vitaminsBeautifully thick and lustrous hair is a sign of good health. Sadly, most women are not blessed with thick, gorgeous tresses. There are an infinite number of factors which can influence the thickness of your hair, including your genetic makeup, your hair care routine and general health. However, undue stress, ill health, excessive usage of hair styling products and environmental pollution can cause hair to fall out in clumps. The end result will be scanty, lifeless and limp looking hair.

Nutritional Deficiency and Hair Loss

One of the primary factors responsible for thinning of hair is a major nutrient deficiency. Nutrient deficiency coupled with hormonal imbalance, and external irritants can lead to extreme hair fall. Uncontrolled hair loss which if not checked in the early stages, can lead to the appearance of embarrassing bald patches on the scalp. For women, this can be a highly awkward if not terrifying situation.

Tips To Thicken Hair with Vitamins

Individuals who suffer from vitamin deficiencies are more likely to experience severe hair loss. If your doctor has determined that the cause for your excessive hair fall is indeed a vitamin deficiency, then popping a simple multivitamin tablet daily can correct this problem. Increasing the intake of essential vitamins will not only check hair fall but promote hair growth.

Given below is a list of vitamins, which can promote hair growth and make your hair appear thick and lustrous.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that plays a pivotal role in maintaining good health. The daily recommended intake of vitamin A for women is about 700 micrograms of retinol. When the amount of vitamin A available to the body falls short of this amount it can lead to serious and multiple health complications.

Vitamins for Hair Thickening

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Some of the first signs of vitamin A deficiency are failing eyesight, excessive dryness of the skin and uncontrolled hair loss. Women who suffer from extreme hair loss should consult their doctor to check whether they are suffering from an acute deficiency of this fat soluble vitamin.

Vitamin A is instrumental is promoting the production of sebum. Sebum or the yellow colored natural oil secreted by the scalp is necessary to keep the scalp and the hair follicles moisturized and healthy. When there is a deficiency of vitamin A it can affect sebum production. A sudden decrease in sebum production can adversely affect the composition of hair. The hair becomes extremely dry and brittle and will break easily.

Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant. The antioxidants which are contained in this vitamin are essential for combating the cellular damage of hair follicles. When the hair follicles are damaged there are increased chances of hair loss.

Besides taking vitamin A supplements, eating foods which are rich in this vitamin like liver, carrots and butternut squash can also ensure that the daily recommended dosage for vitamin A are met.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C otherwise known as ascorbic acid is a water soluble vitamin. The powerful antioxidant properties of this vitamin helps to safe guard the cells which line the scalp from the damaging effects of free radicals. This vitamin is also crucial for improving blood circulation in the scalp.

The structural component of healthy human hair is collagen. Vitamin C is vital for the production of collagen. Increasing the intake of vitamin C by way of supplements can actually promote hair growth and make hair appear nice and thick.

Women who suffered from excessive hair loss that led to the appearance of bald patches on their head responded favorably when they were put on Vitamin C therapy. These women not only noticed a reduction in their hair fall but also witnessed a sudden increase in hair growth as well. Foods which contained significant amounts of vitamin C are citrus fruits, red peppers and turnips to name a few.

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However, before embarking on vitamin C therapy, which involves taking high doses of Vitamin C supplements, it is important to consult a general physician.

Vitamin B-7

Vitamin B-7, Vitamin H or biotin helps to promote hair growth. Regular intake of this vitamin can ensure a head full of thick, lustrous hair. In fact, this vitamin is so potent that it helped to treat partial and complete baldness in women by soothing inflamed tissues of the scalp. Women who took Biotin supplements along with zinc noticed a significant improvement is their hair growth.

Vitamin E

Vitamins For Women hair thickening

Vitamin E comprises of eight fat soluble compounds. Regular intake of this vitamin can make hair appear thick and lustrous. Vitamin E in conjunction with other powerful antioxidants can improve blood circulation of the scalp, improve cell regeneration and boost hair growth. Almonds, bell peppers, olive oil and Swiss chard are some wonderful food sources of this vitamin.

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