Essential Vitamins For Women Over 50

Essential vitamins for women over 50 As we grew older our body become more susceptible to various disease. In case of women this condition tend to get worse with aging, due to various conditions like pregnancy, menstruation and menopause.

Women  require special dietary supplement to fulfill the basic body’s requirement. Apart from other nutrients that plays a significant role in maintaining an appropriate nourishment, vitamins are equally important.

Vitamins For Women Over 50

Vitamin D

It has its own significance as it facilitate easy absorption of calcium. In its deficiency there will be malabsorption of nutrients which may leads to weak and brittle bones.The chances of osteoporosis also tend to get increases, which is a commonly seen disease among women above 50 years.

Food such as spinach, cod liver oil, fish, milk and butter are considered to be the richest sources of vitamin D. However one direct source of obtaining vitamin D is sunlight. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays which is another active and abundant precursors of vitamin D.

Vitamin B12

As we grew older the chances of getting cardiovascular disease also become high. The blood carrying capacity of different veins and arteries get reduces.

Vitamin B12


Thus vitamin B12 plays a significant role . Alternately called as cobalamin, Vitamin B12  not only helps in carrying out the major physiological body reaction. It also breaks down the homo cysteine molecule into amino acid and thus prevent any heart related disorders. Additionally, it also maintain appropriate functioning of brain and central nervous system.

Vitamin B 12 is found to be abundant in various animal byproducts like beef, liver, egg, various sea foods and chicken.

Vitamin E

Researches show vitamin E has a profound effect over inhibiting cancerous cells, heart diseases and other diseases condition which are highly common in women  during late ages. These conditions could be best avoided if sufficient amount of vitamin E is supplied. It also posses antioxidant properties as a result it helps in minimizing free radical present into the body. It maintains proper eye sight and reduces the chances of cataract.

Rich sources of vitamin E are wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, asparagus, avocados, kiwi, mangoes, sweet potato and tomato.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a well known antioxidant so far. It is also termed as Ascorbic acid. It reduces the toxic substances present in body. Like vitamin E it reduces the presence of free radicals. In women body the major organ affected due to aging is eyes.

Vitamin C


Vitamin C  plays an important role in reducing the probabilities of cataract. Since the major precursor of cataract is oxidation stress thus vitamin C helps in reducing this stress. It also reduces the cardiovascular disease as well as the diabetic conditions as it maintain an appropriate sugar level and blood pressure.It also strengthen body’s immune system and minimizes the risk of infection.

Citrus fruit are considered to be the richest sources of vitamin C. Among others grapefruit,  kiwi, orange, mango, tomato , cranberry, spinach, cabbage, blackberry, lime, papaya are some of best  fruit rich in vitamin C content.

Vitamin K

This vitamin plays a significant role in maintaining the strength of bones. Its scarcity may results into weak and fragile bones leading to frequent fractures during late ages in women.

Some of the well known sources of vitamin K are Spinach broccoli, lettuce. All the green leafy vegetable are rich source of Vitamin K.