Essential Vitamins For Older Men

Vitamins For Older Men As men grew older, their immunity to fight against infection decreases and they become prone to multiple diseases. This age indicate high  risk of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. During this age their body need special dietary supplement to meet the weaken body requirement.

Simply taking lots of vitamins without even knowing their benefit, wont provide a great help. So, a fair knowledge about different types  of vitamins, is most essential during old age. Here are some of the vitamins that one must include in his diet to have a healthy well being.

Vitamins For Older Men

Vitamin B

As you grew older your body’s ability to absorb these vitamins decreases. While being an extremely important element, its presence is required all the time for normal body functioning.

Vitamin B


Thiamine or Vitamin -B1, plays significant role in energy synthesis. As your ability to do work decreases in old age you must require a sufficient high amount of thiamine to produce energy. Food items like dried beans, pork, whole grain and peas are considered to be rich source of thiamine.

Pyridoxine or vitamin B6

During aging your memory to recall and recognize decreases, So a fair intake of pyridoxine boost your brain activity and nervous system. It also facilitate better and strong immune system. Potato, spinach, milk and bean are the richest source of pyridoxine.

Riboflavin(vitamin B2) and cobalamins (vitamin B12)

Both these vitamins help in formation of red blood corpuscles and nervous system functioning. These can be obtained from meat, cheese, egg and green vegetables. A serious deficiency of vitamin B12 may result in anemia. It may also result into depression, memory loss and lack of energy

Vitamin D

During late ages, your bone gets weakens and become extremely brittle. It assist in calcium absorption and thus keeps skeletal system strong and hard.

Vitamin D


It allows better movement of blood through the body and helps in transportation of hormones through the entire body. Fish , soy milk and milk are the richest source of vitamin D. Sunlight is another good source.

Vitamin C

During old age men always need certain antioxidants to avoid organ damage, by blocking harmful chemical. One such antioxidant is Vitamin C. It is extremely important for healing wounds and for early recovery. It inhibits infection by reducing free radical in body and keeps you fit. These free radical if not inhibited may cause cancer, heart disease or many such detrimental effects.It is found in abundance in citrus and most fresh fruits.

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Vitamin A

During old age urinary infection and bronchitis are the most common problem. One vitamin that provide great help is vitamin A. It has the special property of fighting against infection and thus acts as an antioxidant.

Vitamin A


In fact it has found to have great effect in reducing the risk of cancer. It also keeps eyes and skin in absolute working conditions. Cod liver oil is extremely rich in vitamin A.

Vitamin E

It helps in reducing heart attack risk. It may also strengthen retina and maintain appropriate balancing. Wheat germ oil and unrefined vegetable oil are rich in vitamin E.

Vitamin K

Alzheimer’s disease is a common disease among old age men. It has been observed that vitamin k has a direct link with this disease. Green tea, beef liver and dark leafy vegetables are rich source of vitamin k.