Egg Protein Benefits, Sources, Dosage And Deficiencies

Egg Protein Benefits, Sources, Dosage And Deficiencies

Eggs are an important component of our diet. These are the natural source of nutrients as egg protein is laden with protein. There are many essential nutrients that we can get from eggs. In this article we will try to understand the benefits, sources, dosage and deficiencies of egg proteins.

What are egg proteins?

powder of egg whites

Eggs are essentially made up of white matter known as the albumin and the yolk. The egg white or the albumin is the protein that we can use for several purposes. Egg white consists of water mostly wherein the proteins remain dissolved. Egg protein is fat-free and is very high in proteins. The proteins found in an egg are albumins, mucoproteins, and globulins. There is no trans fat or saturated fat in egg protein.

How does egg protein work?

Egg protein has been proven as a good source of quality protein having a PER or Protein Efficency Ratio of 3.8. PER is important for the human body, because more the ratio of P.E.R in the human body, the better it can utilize the protein. The absorption rate of egg protein is quite good at 1.5-3 hours.

working of Egg Protein

Egg proteins work by producing the essential amino acids that our body cannot produce on its own. It also works by getting absorbed by our body fast in comparison to the other types of proteins. Amino acids enriched with sulphur are present in egg protein that provides the right amount of critical hormones to the body.

Benefits Of Egg Proteins

Good For Persons Who Wish To Lose Fat

Lose Fat

If you are on a diet, you can add egg proteins to your diet as it is completely free of transfat and cholesterol. You will get abundant amount of protein from this product without adding any cholesterol to your body.

Good For Body Builders

Body builders need proteins to make those bulky biceps. It is a common notion that they take a diet rich in fat but the truth is they mostly take protein based food. Bodybuilders and athletes can benefit by taking egg protein in the form of supplements. For bodybuilders and athletes it becomes important that they are fed within one hour of their work out. Here egg protein powder comes handy as it can be used in addition with their normal diet.

Body Builders

By combining this protein with a healthy diet the sportsperson would be able to get all nutrients essential for his/her performance and a healthy living. If you are into body building you can take egg proteins in the form of sandwiches or scrambled eggs by simply frying the egg white.

Good For Other Sportsperson


Egg proteins are essential for sportsperson for building their muscles. Egg proteins help in strengthening their core muscles which are needed in activities such as swimming and gymnastics.

As A Rejuvenating Face Pack

Face Pack

Egg proteins can be used as pack all over your face. This would help to rejuvenate your skin, add shine to your skin and make it radiant.

For Healthy Lustrous Hair

Lustrous Hair

If you think that your hair lacks in luster you can use egg proteins. You can make a pack of egg proteins white honey and apply it in your hair. You need to keep it for a few hours before washing off. This would provide sheen to your hair, make it bouncy and healthy.

As A Good Source Of Amino Acids

Amino Acids

Egg proteins are easily digestible and hence can be taken by any person of nay age group. You will get all essential amino acids from egg proteins.

Sources Of Egg Proteins

Egg Protein

Egg proteins can be obtained from the egg whites of poultry. You can also get egg proteins in the form of powder of egg whites.

Storage Of Egg Protein

Storage of egg proteins are in the form of whole eggs or the powder of egg whites that you can get from any retail shop.

Dosage Of Egg Proteins


The average dosage of egg protein is 6gram per day in an adult. If you are a sportsperson like an athlete you would require additional dosages as per your requirements.

Side Effects And Deficiencies Of Egg Proteins


There could be side effects and deficiencies of egg proteins. If you are taking less amount of egg proteins you could suffer from poor muscle growth and weakness. On the other hand the side effects of egg proteins could be in the form of allergies. The side effects could be in the form of gas, bloating and diarrhea. It could also lead to constipation in some cases.

Possible Drug Interactions


Egg proteins are natural sources of protein. They can be taken on a regular basis but if you are already put on a protein based diet by your physician it would be advisable to take egg proteins on a measured basis it could increase your nutrients requirement more than necessary and lead to problems.