5 Best Muscle Building Supplements For Women

Muscle Building Supplements For Women

Bodybuilding is for everyone and anyone interested, can build muscle by working out. Compared to men, women must have to work hard to build muscle because of their body structure and hormone functioning. Although building muscle in women very much similar to muscle gain in men, but might not always be possible to get the same growth of muscle in men.

Supplements are not just for men, by taking the muscle building supplements even women can increase her muscle mass. By performing workouts and taking proper diet, women can eventually build muscles which can improve her overall health.

Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements For Women

Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the top listed supplement for building muscles. Proteins are the essential compounds that help to build the muscle tissues. So you must take lots of protein in your daily meals, especially when you are training with weights.

Whey Protein

Whey protein supplies the protein directly to the muscle tissues and get’s digested easily. Improved cardiovascular functioning and strength gains are some of the benefits of taking whey protein. Normal dosage is about 40 grams after post workout and before sleeping.


A multivitamin is a supplement made up of dietary minerals, vitamins and nutrients. This supplement supplies the body with additional vitamins and minerals, especially when your diet is not satisfying. It further speeds up the metabolism, which helps the person to lose fat more quickly.


This supplement helps to prevent several diseases, caused due to deficiencies of vitamins. It enhances the muscle growth and repair, by increasing the protein synthesis. The recommended dosage is about 1 capsule per day and overdoses can be harmful.


This supplement is most common among bodybuilders and athletes, as it improves their workout results. The BCAA’s are the essential amino acids that are the main elements of the proteins. It also increases the rate of muscle recovery.


Just like the whey proteins and casein, BCAA’s supplies the nutrients directly to the muscle cells, thus improving muscle recovery. This supplement will help to replenish the lost nutrients during the intense workouts. It increases the energy levels and endurance of the athletes to perform intense physical activities. Normal dosage is about 3 grams before workout and after post workout.

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Glutamine has the ability to slow down the muscle tissue breakdown during the heavy workouts. This supplement increases the strength and endurance, thus allowing the person to lift more weights easily. By training with weights or performing more reps, the rate of building lean muscle mass is high.


In-addition to that, glutamine helps the body to burn to the accumulated fat and improves the functioning of the immune system. This supplement can team up with other supplements like BCAA’s and whey protein to increase the overall workout performance. Normal dosage is about 4 grams after completing your workout and before sleeping.


Creatine is an essential supplement that used by many bodybuilders, to increase their strength levels. It’s a naturally occurring substance in the muscle cells. By taking this supplement, one can build lean muscle mass more quickly. It also increases the muscle recovery rate and glycogen synthesis.


Even when you stop taking this supplement, the creatine levels return to normal state in-just 2 weeks. It further increases the muscle performance to improve the workout results. Normal dosage is about 6 grams before starting your workout.

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