6 Benefits Of Drinking Salt Water

Salt Water

Drinking a mix of filtered water and salt is purported to have therapeutic effects and beneficial to the body in myriad ways.

Benefits Of Drinking Salt Water

A beverage made by mixing two teaspoons of salt (sea salt or common salt) in a liter of water and drunk first thing in the morning proffers the following health benefits.

1. Beneficial For Diabetics And Hypertension Patients

According to a study appearing in ScienceDirect.com that carries the online edition of the peer-reviewed journal, American Journal of Hypertension, a month-long course of supplemental sodium (nearly four teaspoons total everyday, i.e., one teaspoonful each for four times in a day) might, in fact, bring about an improvement in health conditions like sustained high blood pressure and among people whose bodies fail to use glucose normally.

Subsequent to a month of following this practice, the OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) results showed an eight percent reduction in glycemic response by the participants. Fascinatingly, regular table salt (NaCl) rather than natural or bay salt was deployed. This reveals that common salt might be an effective health support.

Blood Sugar

2. Adrenal Exhaustion

Adrenal exhaustion or fatigue arising from persistent chronic stress could trigger sapped levels of energy, inability to concentrate, recurrent infections, hypotension, an increase in allergy episodes and feeling dehydrated.

According to Doctor Wilson who has authored a bestseller book on this condition and is a recognized specialist in the field of stress and adrenal functioning, salt water intake does appear to be the fastest means of increasing intake of this mineral and can even be helpful in preventing dehydration. Since sodium loss typically occurs during this condition hence several doctors recommend its intake which is present primarily in salt.


3. Promotes Weight Loss

The Heise Health Clinic recommends drinking tepid sea salt while you are empty-stomached and shortly after waking up at dawn. The salt water on entry into the body begins cleansing the colon and aids in elimination of feces. This also assists the GI (gastro-intestinal) system in absorbing nutrients and increases likelihood of weight loss since it regulates the body metabolism. Moreover, salt water intake acts as an innate appetite suppressor.

Weight Loss

4. Improves Sports Performance

Many athletes who finish the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon often have depleted sodium concentrations in their blood. All high-intensity workouts or long distance running competitions trigger perspiration and subsequent loss of sodium. Inadequate levels of this mineral in the body could cause muscular cramps and malfunction. The person could feel mentally disoriented and faint. Hence, imbibing salt water before athletic or physically demanding events can enhance performance.

Provides Energy

5. Useful Healer And Cleanser

Salt water possesses healing benefits and useful to cleanse and treat small wound and burn cases. Websites like LifeEvents, Master Cleanse and Colon Cleansing and Constipation Resource Center support the use of salt water due to its purgative action that could aid in the treatment of respiratory conditions and rectify any mineral imbalance.

This intestinal detoxification tool deployed for a week has other purported benefits like improvement in sleep patterns, better condition of skin as well as reprieve from urethral infections, chronic headaches, irregular periods, worms in intestines, age-related conditions and irritation in digestive tract.

Acts As A Natural Laxative

6. Infection Fighter

Due to the infection-combating properties of salt water it is often used by individuals for relieving throat soreness, cough and cold prevention as well as for treatment of sores.

Infection Fighter