8 Weight Loss Breakfast Choices You Should Try

8 Weight Loss Breakfast Choices You Should Try

Are you trying for loosing your weight? It is not a very tough job. Many of us go for a dieting to loose weight in a quick way. They often skip their meals to shed the extra weight in a fast way. But this method is totally unhealthy as when you are skipping your meals you are deprived from certain food items and also lack with some nutrients. This will lead you to malnutrition which has bad effect on your skin, hair and health. They often skip their breakfast before they go out which is not correct, as breakfast provides us the energy for the whole day after a long fast from previous night. So, you have a proper breakfast to keep a healthy body and to get the proper energy. But do you know that a healthy breakfast can do a magic for you. Just include some superb food items which are less in calories and helps you in loosing weight in a natural way. This food items gives you proper energy but did not contain more calories.

8 Weight Loss Breakfast Choices You Should Try


Oats is a great food item which is full of fiber and keeps you full for long hours. This superb breakfast is low in calories and thus it is helpful for you when you are trying to loose you’re your weight. Oats does not increase your weight but gives you a full breakfast. Oats also keeps the cholesterol level low in your blood and also good for preventing heart diseases.



Banana is a superb fruit which is rich in lots of essential vitamins and minerals. Include this great fruit in
your breakfast to loose your weight in a natural way. Mix it with oats or try with cornflakes or simply eat it
with bread. Banana helps you in loosing your weight. So try it in your breakfast regularly.


Orange Juice:

Try Orange juice in your breakfast. It is full of vitamin C and other vital nutrients like anti oxidants, minerals etc. Orange juice is very helpful in weight loss in a healthy and natural way. It also supplies essential energy for you needed for whole day. Orange Juice contains fewer calories than other drinks so that you can drink it everyday in your breakfast with out any worry. This healthy fruit juice plays an effective role in reducing your body weight.

Orange Juice

Green Tea:

Without Tea your breakfast is incomplete and it is another important item in your breakfast. So when you drink does not go for simple tea. Then go for Green Tea instead of normal tea. Green tea is very much effective for weight loss in a natural way. It contains flavonoids and anti oxidants which is important for your body.

Green Tea


Pineapple is also a great fruit that you must try in your breakfast. Pineapple is full of vital nutrients and it
is a very healthy option for loosing your weight. Pineapple contains certain type of compounds in it which helps in melting cellulite or fat cells of your body. Regular consumption of this fruit in your breakfast is very much helpful in reducing the extra weight of your body.



Try to include fruits in your breakfast because it is full of vital nutrients and also provides you lots of
energy. Then try Papaya in your breakfast. This fruit is full with vitamin A and E. It is good for loosing your weight in a healthy way. By eating this fruit you will be full for long hours but it does not increases your body weight.



Do you ever try dry fruits in your breakfast? If not then try now. Try to eat a little bit of Pistachio in your
breakfast when you have dry fruits in your breakfast. Pistachio helps you in loosing your weight in a healthy way. This food item is enriched with vital nutrients which is essential for your body but does not provides you so much of calories ; thus you does not put on extra weight.



Honey naturally helps you to reduce the excess weight of your body. Try a simple drink with made with honey in your breakfast which helps you in loosing your weight. Mix 1 tea spoon of pure honey in a glass of Luke warm water and drink it. It is treated as an effective home remedy for reducing extra body weight from ancient times and it is also very famous too. You can use honey in your bread as a spread instead of butter. It contains less calories than butter and also a healthy item for breakfast.


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