8 Important Health Benefits Of Folic Acid


Folic acid is generally recognized as vitamin B9 or folate. Folic acid is vital for growth oftissues, development of cells and also development of a healthy brain. It is an essential substance for division of cells, which is required for production the genetic component widely known as DNA.Thus, the quantity of folic acid in the body holds an integral role in cell division and tissue division. Folic acid can be acquired from food supplements like bananas,leafy greens,oranges, strawberries,broccoli,beans, pastas, asparagus,eggs,yeast,cereals,mushrooms, fish, meat and various dairy products. Folic acid has proven to be hugely beneficial for the health of human body. There are plenty of benefits which could be acquired from the acid .

List Out 8 Important Health Benefits Of The Folic Acid

During Pregnancy

Folic acid plays an important role both during preconception period and also during the pregnancy period.This can help in preventing birth defects, in enhancing the development of the foetus, and also higher the possibilities of conception.



Human mind gets depressed when it has taken severe emotional tolls. Depression can lead to severe mental disorders.Folic acid comes as a saving grace in this regard. It can cure the mental depression and can also brighten the mood.Having an adequate Folic acid level is essential for appropriate functioning of the brain.


Digestion Process

Digestion is an important process which looks into the proper distribution of energy to human body needs.Folic acid collaborates with vitamin B12 and vitamin C to aid the body in utilization of proteins obtained during digestion.



Pimple is a common problem among teenagers and a lot of natural ways are there to deal with it. Folic acid, with other essential antioxidants, aids in elimination of toxins from the human body, which can decrease the pimples on the face.However, overdose of Folic acid can cause further skin problems like dryness and patches. It might also lead to more acne.


Helps In Hair Growth

Folic acid helps in hair growth to a great extent. As we said earlier, folic acid plays a vital role in cell growth. Thus, it helps in the hair cell growth.If there’s a lack of Folic acid level in human body, several hair problems like graying and hair loss might occur.


Red Blood Cells

Blood is one of the essential components of human body without which life is impossible to imagine. There are a lot of components in blood like red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Among these,Folic acid has an imperative role to play pertaining to red blood cells. White blood cells are also generated with the support of folic acid supplements.


Healthy Glow

Just like we take care of health of our vital organs, it is also important that we pay heed to the health of our skin. Skin usually faces problems like dryness and rashes. Adequate consumption of Folic acid will cure these problems and give your skin a natural and healthy glow and also moisturize them well.


Heart Disease

Heart related diseases are mostly fatal and requires proper attention. The combination of folic acid and vitamin B12 can support heart in many manners. They play an essential role in reducing the clotting of blood which might result in cardio vascular disorders.Thus it considerably reduces the chances of heart failures or heart attacks.


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