8 Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Be Sending


It may sound strange to many of us that our fingernails can act as whistleblowers, foretelling wide range of diseases which may take us into grip if we fail to rise up to the occasion. It seems incredible but it is true. We can pick up hints of various potential diseases from the appearance and changing patterns of our fingernails. Therefore, it is very important for you to take a close look at your fingernails and scrutinize their ridgelines, curves, dips and colors. You also need to take care if your fingernails have grown thin or thick or they have become broken or chipped. The most important thing is that you have to turn back to past and try to recollect if your fingernails have undergone any changes. Make a note if you notice any change.

Here Are  Most Important Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Send Forth As Precursor To The Several Health Disorders

Discolored Fingernails

A healthy and fit fingernail always possesses pinkish sign with a tinge of whiteness at its base. In case the color of your fingernails has turned dull or faded, chances are high that you run the risk of suffering from any mild to serious health issue. Let’s have a brief discussion on health issues suggested by different colors of fingernails. Green fingernails may suggest bacterial infection while red stripes under your nail beds can give a sign of valve infection in your heart. If your fingernails don bluish color, it means that your blood has low oxygen level. Dull fingernails may hint vitamin deficiency in your system while whitish tinge in your fingernails may suggest liver disorder. Dark streaks at the top of your nails may drop the hints of coronary failure and ageing.


Split Fingernails

You cannot always blame nail-polish or frequent hand-wash for your split fingernails. This disorder mainly occurs due to deficiency of vitamin C, folic acid and protein in the body. Sometimes, chronic malnutrition also causes split nail. If your split fingernails are accompanied with pitted nail-beds, the symptom may indicate psoriasis.


Thick Fingernails

If your fingernails have grown thick and started resembling claws, be warned as you may run the risk of getting into health disorders. A normal-looking thickened nail might be a precursor to lung disease while thick but coarse fingernails may give a sign of fungal infection. If you have thick but divided fingernails, chances are high that have psoriasis or thyroid. Sometimes, allergic reaction to over-the-counter medicines triggers thickened fingernails, as well.


Pitted Fingernails

Pitted fingernails have small holes on the nails. This kind of development also takes place due to smashing up of hands. However, once you notice this unusual development on your nails, make sure that you seek expert advice immediately. There are several health disorders which may be suggested by pitted fingernails. But the most important of them all include health disorders of connective tissue and psoriasis. Some other health disorders suggested by pitted fingernails include zinc deficiency and alopecia areata commonly known as patchy baldness.


Concave (curving Inside) Fingernails

Fingernails which have turned into the shape of concave may indicate a wide range of physical disorders. The most important among these disorders include iron deficiency mostly caused by anemia, heart problem, hypothyroidism and hemochromatosis (liver disease that allows body to absorb iron in high quantity). Fingernails that have curved inside can be restored to normalcy only after the associated symptoms are cured.



Fingernails are supposed to have smooth surface with invisible lines. Sometimes, nails develop ridgelines on the surface and this development signals serious and underlying health issues. Heavy ridgelines on your fingernails suggest common health disorders like inflammatory arthritis, lupus (a kind of ulcerative skin condition) and iron deficiency. Ridgelines on your fingernails require you to seek immediate medical help.


Clubbed Fingernails

Clubbed nails develop when the skin around your fingernails appear to have swelled or puffed. A person who has developed clubbed nails may be stricken with lung disease and breathing trouble. People having the underlying symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease may also receive the signal of the disease by clubbed fingernails. Most often, clubbed nails drop the hints of life threatening diseases like AIDS and liver disorder.


Brittle Or Dry Nails

Brittle nails are common occurrence and they predominantly suggest imbalance in your hormone level. Most often, they are also associated with bacteria and fungus accumulation inside and around the nailbeds. Thyroid disease is the main trigger of brittle or dry nails. This disorder is mainly caused due to hormonal imbalance in the body.

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