8 Best Weight Gain Vitamin And Supplements


Human body requires huge numbers of nutritional products in order to properly work and get avoid health issues. Vitamins are one of the best parts of nutritional requirement that plays a very important role in maintaining wide range of requirements. Vitamins can also be used to gain weight as desired. It can either help to increase the appetite or can help to reducing the rate of metabolism. People who are under weight can make use of vitamin supplements in order to gain additional weight in few days. One should know exactly the type of vitamin supplements that deemed to be mandatory for gaining more weight. These supplements should be safer and should not pose any sort of side effects. Body builders most often take these supplements to put on weight.

Some Of The Weight Gain Vitamin And Supplements Are

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a special type of vitamin that few people are aware about. This special kind of vitamin is mainly derived from the sunlight. Early morning sunlight contains rich source of vitamin D that can help to make the bones stronger and thus helps in increasing weight. Gain in bone mass will also help to increase the weight. All kinds of dairy items, fatty fish and eggs can provide vitamin D in rich amount.



Creatine is very important type of vitamin supplement that is going to help in gaining more weight. It will actually simply direct to the muscles and can help to carry out more workout. Thus, a person increasing creatine can easily carry out perfect types of strength training activities. This in turn will help to add on more weight in short duration of time. It can be added to diet in the form of fish, meat and other items.



Zinc is also required to maintain proper appetite in the body. Increase in appetite can easily help to maintain the level of weight. Vitamin supplements should include zinc for increasing weight. Increase the intake of more zinc in the diet for gaining weight and stay hungry. There are various types of food stuffs that can provide proper level of zinc to the body.



This is actually released in the human body according to the type of sugar that is consumed on regular basis. The best process to gain weight is to add more insulin rich diet on regular basis. It will surely help to add more weight in less period of time. Insulin in diet can help to add more fats and body muscles, which will help to add more weight. It is one of the mandatory requirements in vitamin supplements.


Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is also known by the name of pyridoxine. This is a very important kind of vitamin that can be used to deal with increasing weight. People who want to increase their weight can increase their intake of vitamin B6 rich food items that will help to stay healthy and increase their appetite. It mainly helps to regulate the hormones and increase the chemicals in the brain. Food items such as banana, fish, seeds, dry fruits and meat can provide proper level of vitamin B6.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also deemed necessary to take care of the weight in the body. People who are in desire to increase their weight should increase their intake of vitamin C. This is a type of antioxidant that will help to take care of the health and will keep away all kinds of health issues. It will increase the immunity and help to stay fit. Food items such as broccoli, sprouts, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes can provide this particular vitamin.



Thiamine is supposed to add on more weight in successful manner. It is a water soluble type of vitamin that acts in a very perfect manner to add weight. Intake of this particular vitamin will increase the appetite and will thus add more food to the body. This in turn will help to increase weight. Food items such as whole grains, brown rice and few other items can provide thiamine in good amount. grains


Glutamine is very rich source of protein that can help to add muscles to the entire body. It will thus help to increase the weight in small period of time. All bodybuilders mainly rely on glutamine that will help to add desired weight. It is also suppose to add proper immunity to the human body. It generally helps in the process of muscle growth. It can be found in various types of food items and thus should be consumed on regular basis till you want to increase your weight.


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