7 Warning Signs Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency


According to a research it was found that one in every four adults suffered from Vitamin B12 deficiency. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 is said to be the cause of many diseases and major health problems. Its deficiency can also prove fatal for some people. Vitamin B12 is stored in the liver, body tissues and kidneys and when it is deficient it takes a long time to notice it. In some cases the deficiency goes so unnoticed that the person would already be in the last stages of his life. Vitamin B12 is necessary for proper functioning of the various systems of the body like the reproductive system, vascular system, digestive system and the nervous system. It is essential for the building of red blood cells, regulation of hormones and for a good immunity system.

Few Warning Signs Which Lets Us Know That Vitamin B12 Is Deficient In The Body

General Weakness Or Fatigue

A person tends to become weak even while doing simple everyday task. Standing up and sitting down on a chair would also seem like a huge task.



Anemia is one of the conditions for B12 deficiency.  Vitamin B12 is required for the red blood cells to form. When the red blood cells are not formed it leads to anemia. This can be avoided by taking diet of eggs, dairy products and meat.


Inflamed Or Swollen Tongue

Swollen tongue or inflamed tongue is another sign. The tongue has little bumps on them which are called papillae because of which the tongue looks red and beefy. When there is Vitamin B12 deficiency papillae would not be there.


Memory Loss

It was found that people who have vitamin B12 deficiency tend to have memory loss issues. Their thinking becomes impaired and they have cognitive difficulties.

memory loss

Tingling Sensation

People with vitamin B12 deficiency tend to have tingling sensation on their feet, hands and legs. They would also suddenly feel numb.


Discolored Skin

The skin becomes yellowish in color due to vitamin B12 deficiency. People tend to think of it as jaundice.


Balancing Issues

People suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency have balancing issues. They would not be able to walk without support. They also tend to stagger a lot.


Apart from the above symptoms, people also tend to get depressed, go through hallucinations etc. When vitamin B12 level is really low one also loses the ability to taste or sense touch. So, make sure to incorporate dairy products, eggs and animal protein in the diet on a regular basis.

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