7 Top Side Effects Of Protein Supplements That You Should Know


Almost most of the protein supplements have not been approved by the U.S. food and drug administration, they have many side effects than you think. Over consumption of protein also leads to many side effects. Protein is required to build the muscles. But over consumption leads to many side effects in the body. The first thing you should remember is over consumption of protein will not leads to build the muscles. It will cause damage to the muscles during weight lifting. Consuming high levels of protein in the form of protein powder are very dangerous to the health.

Here Are Some Side Effects Of Protein Supplements You Should Know

Kidney Stones And Kidney Failure

Kidney stone is one of the worst illness happens to the human body. It will lead to a severe stomach pain. Kidney stones are caused mainly due to High protein supplements. When high amounts of calcium content deposit in the kidney, it forms Kidney stones. When kidney stones are formed it slows the condition of the kidney. People should reduce the intake of protein supplements to maintain your kidney in good condition for a long time.


Bone Loss

Large amount of acid will be released from the body while higher intake of protein supplements. At that time to restore the acid balance in the body, our kidneys try to balance it by generating more acid. When this both process takes place at the same time, a large amount of calcium will be lost through urine. Therefore, it increases the risk of bone loss. When this process continues for a long time, it leads to many diseases like osteoporosis. When you are already having this disease, you should intake more number of alkaline fruit and vegetables.

bone loss

Fat Gain

Fat gain is the most common problem of happens to the human body due to heavy intake of protein supplements. This is mainly due to protein powder. While taking protein powder continuously , you should do heavy workouts properly. Or else the protein powder will store in your body in the form of extra calories and thus fat content will be stored high level in the human body. So without doing regular workout and eating protein powder will gain a large amount of Fat in your body.


Heavy Metal Toxity

As per some recent researches, protein powders contain large amount of Toxic content. From the results of those researches, protein powder contains heavy metals including lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. When large amounts of toxic content stored in your body, it will results in many illnesses such as headache, fatigue, muscle pain, pain in joints and constipation. Cadmium also affects kidney which leads to many illnesses related to kidney. It will take around 20 years to get cure from these kind of illness. When the toxic content increases and dominate in your body, it starts affecting and kills all the organs in the human body. It is recommended to stop the intake of protein powder.


Digestion Problems

Most of the protein powders on the market are made from whey and casein. Milk protein powders concentrate and isolates which have less lactose than the natural milk. This milk protein powders will cause digestive disorder in your body. This will worsen the condition of the body those who have lactose intolerance. These whey and soy protein powder can also cause stomach pain, diarrhea and constipation if you take these in large amounts. This will cause many problems to your stomach and leads to some hazardous side effects.


Cancer Risk

As these protein powders have high source of phytoestrogens, which can mimic estrogen hormones in the human body which leads to the high risk of cancer for both men and women. As per some researches high intake of phytoestrogens may increase the risk of breast cancer and breast cancer re occurrence rates.


Gout Development

Drinking protein shakes leads to the development of Gout. Along with the protein in whey protein, there is also a large amount of amino acids. If your body can’t process these effectively, they’ll build up in your system and cause problems with your liver and other organs designed to filter these substances and put them to use. If you are at the risk of getting gouts, you should stop the intake of protein supplements immediately.These regular intake of protein supplements will also lead to damage the livers and cause many liver disorders. These are the major side effects of the protein supplements you should know.


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