6 Benefits Of Vitamin C That You Must Know


Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that you need for your body. It is known as Ascorbic Acid chemically as it is the scientific name of vitamin C. It is basically a water soluble vitamin which can be found in mainly in different types of fruits especially in citrus fruits and also in different types of vegetables and other fruits.Vitamin C gives its benefits most as when it is consumed as raw fruits and vegetables. Cooking in fire or too much of cleaning with water destroys this vitamin. Fruits like Orange, tangerine, grapefruit, pomelo etc. contains large amount of vitamin C in it. Milk is also a natural source of vitamin C but if you boil the milk for frequent times the vitamin will get destroyed. Vegetables that contain vitamin C are cabbage, tomato, green chili etc. in a reasonable amount in them.

Here Are The List Of Benefits Of Vitamin C That You Must Know

Keeps Your Teeth Healthy:

Vitamin C keeps your teeth healthy and also keeps away the problems related with teeth. It makes your teeth more white and strong. It keeps the enamel portion strong.Vitamin C also plays an important role in coming out of teeth in children. To give your kid a healthy teeth include foods with vitamin C in their regular diet.


Keeps The Gum Healthy And Prevents Scurvy:

An unhealthy gum causes the all the major problems like bad breath, Peoria, dental cavities, blood secretion from gums, Scurvy etc. Vitamin C keeps your gums healthy thus these types of problems do not occur in your mouth.It prevents the disease called Scurvy where the gum has a prominent swelling with blood secretion from it.


Prevents Pre Mature Aging Of Body:

Now a day because of too much stress in our fast life almost all of us facing premature aging of skin and body. Vitamin C is actually works like one major antioxidant in your body. It reduces the free radicals and toxin substances from your body; thus it detoxifies your body from harmful chemicals. It slows down the aging process of your body.


Prevents Wrinkles Of Your Skin:

As vitamin C prevents aging process in our body it also reduces the wrinkles in your skin. Our facial skin is thinner than the skin in other body parts; so it faces the effects of aging first in the body with appearing wrinkles and sagging chin. If you regularly consume a suitable amount of vitamin C in daily diet you will get rid of wrinkle problem in your skin or it can be said that you will have less chance of appearing wrinkles in your skin. Thus you will look younger.


Provides Resistance Against Infectious Diseases:

Vitamin C builds resistance to prevent infectious diseases from your body; thus you do not face any attack of these infectious diseases like common cold, cough, fever, flu etc. It builds the antibody for infectious diseases in your body thus making the immunity system of your body so strong. And more strong immunity system in body means less chance of attack of infectious diseases which is essential for a healthy body.


Prevents Chronic Diseases:

Vitamin C also very important for our body as it is works as a prevention for chronic diseases in our body. According to the modern medical science this vitamin C prevents chronic diseases like Arthritis, Obesity etc. and keeps us healthy and active.


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