6 Amazing Vitamins For Managing Stretch Marks

Amazing Vitamins For Managing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the major skin issues which affect both men and women. Stretch marks are caused when the skin gets stretched due to pregnancy or due to sudden and extreme weight gain. While you gain weight or get pregnant your skin gets stretched and the marks appear as creamy lines on your body. Generally, the stretch marks appear on the belly, hips, inner thighs, arms, and such areas where fat easily gets stored! The stretch marks are very tough to battle and would go away after a long wait. There are some products available to banish the stretch marks, but you can also try the natural nutrients or vitamins which heal your skin from inside and would make your skin stretchy, tight and youthful!

Here Are Some Vitamins Which You Must Consider For Fighting Stretch Marks!

1. Vitamin E

This is one of the most widely preferred vitamins especially for skin care [1] . When your skin starts losing elasticity or gets stretch marks, this vitamin makes the skin tight and youthful once again! For repairing your skin from extreme stretch and marks, this anti oxidant rich vitamin would simply help in tightening your skin and banishing the stretch marks! Eat vitamin E rich foods and massage the vitamin e oil available in the market to revitalize your skin!

Vitamin E

2. Vitamin C

This amazing vitamin which is found in citrus rich fruits is extremely important for the skin and fight stretch marks effectively! Collagen is an important element which makes the skin tight and stretchy! Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which would simply tighten and brighten up your skin as never before! Thus, eat some oranges, lemon juice, berries and vitamin C rich foods to fight stretch marks naturally [2] !

Vitamin C

3. Vitamin A

If you are surprised that how would vitamin A make your skin free from stretch marks, here is the answer [3] ! This amazing vitamin would penetrate in your skin easily and work on the stretch marks. Vitamin a can banish the stretch marks by lightening the marks and simply by gradually fading them away! You can apply  Vitamin A on your skin by extracting it from the capsules and mixing with vitamin e oil. This application would make your skin smooth, flexible, youthful and tight again!

 Vitamin A

4. Vitamin K1

If you want to soon lighten the stretch marks but in a natural way, here is an ingredient which you can use and banish the stretch marks completely [4] . Vitamin k1 improves your skin tone by lightening the marks and makes your skin tighter with each application. You can either consume of apply this amazing vitamin on your stretch marks to get quick and promising results!

Vitamin K1

5. Vitamin B6

The foods which we consume in our daily routine such as potatoes, eggs, fruits, berries, whole grain foods etc, consists of a lot of vitamin B6 which is an easy vitamin to consume [5] ! It is available in almost all the foods which we eat and thus, you would be able to fight the stretch marks easily! Gather foods with vitamin B6 and make your skin tight, bright and glorious!

Vitamin B6

6. Vitamin D

We all known that vitamin D is a very important and essential mineral for bones and muscles [6] . But its benefits are not restricted to bones and muscles. It has some super cool benefits over the skin such as stretch ability, tightness and smoothness! This vitamin would prevent your skin from getting over stretched and thus, would reduce the marks gradually!

Vitamin D