6 Alkaline Dietary Supplements To Combat Excessive Acidity

6 Alkaline Dietary Supplements To Combat Excessive Acidity

Acid and alkaline are the two opposite elements in a biological spectrum. An ideal healthy lifestyle would ensure that your body’s ph levels are slightly alkaline. However due to factors like stress, lack of exercise and consideration of our diet, we generally lean towards a lifestyle that makes is highly acidic in nature. While supplements are not the primary solution to deal with digestive issues caused by acidity, it nevertheless can be backed up with an alkaline diet comprising green vegetables, low sugar fruits, nuts and legumes along with a commitment to cut down on caffeine and dairy products. However, you have to take care to consume these supplements under the recommended dosage as the balance of acid-base in our body is sensitive and can tip off its scales even under slight higher intake than recommended.

The benefits of an alkaline diet are plenty. It reduces the burden of the physiological processes of the body, which in the absence of the same would borrow the calcium from our bones and protein from our muscles.

The Following 6 Supplements Help In Reducing Acidity In Our Body:

1. Chlorella Algae:

Green powders come from spirulina, chlorella algae and also owe its form to various juices of select medicinal grasses  However, you must not immediately get turned off at the mention these ingredients when mixed in water or a smoothie would be tasty [1]. By alkalising your body, it helps in boosting your energy and resistance to illness and pain.

Chlorella Algae

2. Calcium:

Calcium is an anti-acid mineral and hence the body often relies on drawing out calcium for your bones when it is faced with a sudden attack of acidity [2]. However when this process becomes regular, your bones become weaker. Supplements come in handy and calcium tables of 800mg to 1500mg would be the answer you would need in such times.


3. Magnesium:

The protein in your muscles is due to the mineral magnesium [3]. Another anti-acid, your body often takes loans from your muscles to help cope up the digestive issues cropped up by that highly fried food you just savored. According to studies, almost 80% of the population is deficient in this mineral and one of the major indicators is muscle tensions. It is therefore helpful to have an intake of 400-800mg of magnesium supplement every day.


4. Ph Balancing Medicines:

Pharmacy shops have pH powders and drops piled up in their stores  [4]. This supplement is best out of the lot as it is designed specifically to balance your body chemistry. It is better to get a diagnosis from a doctor before you proceed to buy these products as there is a huge disparity in the quality of these products. With elements of chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide infused in these supplements, it helps in forming a chemical reaction that will release more oxygen in the body. Potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron too aid these pH powders in restoring the balance you need.

Ph balancing medicines

5. Potassium:

A supplement that in can do the work of sodium whilst also maintaining the pH balance of the body, potassium supplements have to be taken with great caution by following the instructions of the label point to point [5].


6. Chlorophyll:

The same molecule component that gives leaves their lush green colour, its structure is akin to that of hemoglobin that helps in transporting the oxygen in our body [6]. This supplement when digested can reduce acidity in our body as it works in the same principle of vegetables when consumed.