5 Vitamins To Help Reduce Facial Hair


Facial hair or the growth of hair on the face and surrounding areas like neck, chin etc. is of great concern for a woman. This condition of excess hair growth on face is known as hirsutism. This condition is usually caused by the hormonal imbalances in the body which lead to high levels of male hormones in the body. This condition requires detailed examination by the doctor and intake of proper medications. However, one can also try some vitamins which can help in preventing the problem of facial hair.

5 Vitamins for Preventing Facial Hair

1. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a part of the Vitamin B family. It is a water soluble vitamin and helps in the prevention of excess facial hair. Vitamin B6 inhibits the production of Prolactin hormone in the body, which help the tissues of the body in absorbing testosterone and dulling the body’s response to the hormones. Woman suffering from the disease of poly-cystic ovary’s have high levels of prolactin, thus increasing their facial hair growth. Intake of Vitamin B6 helps in solving this condition of excess prolactin level in the body. Some foods rich in Vitamin B6 are- banana, meat, soybeans, whole grains, barn, peanuts, spinach etc.

Vitamin B6

2. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an important vitamin used for preventing excess growth of hair on various parts of the face like upper lip, chin , neck etc. This vitamin lowers the of androgen hormone level by inhibiting the production of this hormone. Vitamin E helps in decreasing the effect of testosterone by regulating the level of androgen in the body.The production of androgen hormone is said to increase with the increase of insulin and sugar levels in the body. Hence, if one is aiming to reduce the facial hair growth, it becomes very essential to control the levels of insulin and blood sugar in the body.

Incorporating foods rich in vitamin E can help one fight with the problem of excess facial hair. Some of the foods which are natural sources of vitamin E are- broccoli, tofu, turnip, almond, pumpkin seeds, mangoes, peanut butter etc.

Vitamin E

3. Magnesium, Zinc And Copper

Magnesium, zinc and copper also help in the prevention of facial hair by decreasing the effect of testosterone. Magnesium can be taken in through foods like soybeans, whole grains, seeds, nuts etc. Zinc is found in pumpkin seeds, veal liver, oysters, peanuts, dark chocolate etc. Copper on the other had is needed in very less quantity and is freely available in drinking water. It can also be obtained from the cooking vessels and copper plumbing.

Magnesium, Zinc And Copper

4. Calcium-D-Glucarate

Calcium-D-Glucarate helps in preventing facial hair growth by helping the body in detoxifying hormones. This can be obtained from foods like sprouts , apples, cabbage etc. The recommended intake amount is 200 mg, twice a day.


5. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is another vitamin which has the potential to reduce the unwanted facial hair. Vitamin A also helps in regulating the testosterone level in the body and has the same function as that of Vitamin B6. The most natural source of Vitamin A is orange colored vegetables like carrots. This Vitamin A can also be taken in form of capsule and tablets. A dose of 5000 IU, helps in reducing the facial hair to some extent.

Vitamin A