5 Vitamins For Hair Growth

Vitamins For Hair Growth

Everyone wants to have healthy, gorgeous, voluminous hair as hair plays a crucial role in our physical appearance. Pollution, chemical laden hair care products and styling products, poor nutrition, aging, genetics and hormones are some the major reason for speedy hair fall. Most often hair loss is due to vitamin deficiency. Hair care industry constantly delivers new products that promise speedy hair growth. Some of these products may help, but only external care cannot provide healthy hair and proper hair growth. Some vitamins are crucial for healthy hair growth. Adding these vitamins in your regular diet or consuming them as supplement can help you to correct these deficiencies.

Here Are Some Essential Vitamins For Hair Growth. And These Vitamins Can Be Found Easily In Common Foods:

1. Biotin (Vitamin B 7)

Biotin and pantothenic acid (vitamin B 5) supports hair growth by stimulating the adrenal glands. Biotin helps to rebuild the hair strands that have been damaged due to exposure to the harmful sun’s Ultra violet rays, chemical laden shampoos, styling gels, excessive heating and ironing [1] . Research has also linked biotin deficiency to hair loss and alopecia. It is therefore considered a vital nutrient for hair growth. B vitamins perform an important process of carrying oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and scalp and stimulate hair growth. B-vitamin has wide range of food sources and can be obtained easily from food. Though its deficiency is rare, yet it is a water soluble vitamin, which means body flushes out that it doesn’t use instead of retaining it. So, each day you need to get enough of it. If you are experiencing excessive hair fall, your physician may prescribe biotin supplement. It is found in whole grains, avocado, legumes, leafy greens, eggs, almonds, meat, fish and seafood.

Biotin (Vitamin B 7)

2. Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

Pantothenic acid and other B complex vitamins help the body to metabolize fats and protein. These vitamins are crucial for your keeping the skin, hair and other body parts healthy [2] . Deficiency of this vitamin can weaken the hair follicles and cause hair fall. Pantothenic acid plays an important role in strengthening the hair follicles. Nourishing the hair follicles they enhance their ability to function optimally and hence promote hair growth. It can also aid in reducing flaking and itching caused by dandruff. Pantothenic acid is mostly taken in combination with other B vitamins. Taking B vitamins in the form of food or supplement can improve your hair health.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

3. Vitamin C

Free radical damage causes you hair to age and prevents hair growth [3] . Vitamin C, working as an antioxidants fights oxidative stress caused by free radicals that causes greying of hair and hair fall. Body also needs vitamin C to make protein known as collagen-which is essential part of hair structure. Vitamin C also aids the body in absorbing iron-an essential mineral needed for hair growth. So to facilitate collagen production and protect hair from free radical damage, fill up your diet with vitamin C rich foods like oranges, strawberries, red pepper, Brussels sprout kiwi, grape fruit, broccoli, kale etc.


Vitamin C

4. Vitamin E

Just like vitamin E is an antioxidant that can reduce oxidative damage and boost hair growth [4] . It promotes hair growth by stimulating the expansion of the capillaries and enhancing the blood supply. It aids is repairing and building tissue. All these helps to improve the health of the scalp ads shine to your hair. Vitamin E is natural blood thinner, so overdosing can result in bleeding problem. Average intake of vitamin intake for an adult person should not exceed more than 15mg per day, recommended by NIH. It is better to get vitamin E from food sources like almonds, papaya, kiwi, avocados, sunflower seeds, spinach, kale etc. Besides consuming vitamin E rich foods, massaging vitamin E oil can promote hair growth,

Vitamin E

5. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed for cell growth including hair. Hairs are the fastest growing tissue in our body. Vitamin A also helps to produce sebum, the oily substance that moisturizes the scalp and prevents drying and splitting of the hair and ads shine to your hair [5] . Diet lacking in vitamin A can cause several problems, particularly hair fall and restrict hair growth. Vitamin A is necessary for hair growth, but too much vitamin A can lead to hair loss. Vitamin A can be obtained from numerous food sources. Some good sources include carrot, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, mangoes, dried apricot, kale, spinach, milk, egg and yogurt. Cod liver oil has been found to be a good source of vitamin A.

Vitamin A

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