5 Supplements To Increase Your Appetite

5 Supplements To Increase Your Appetite

If you are training to increase your mass and build those biceps, triceps or 6 packs and have to take to rigorous practice sessions for the next athletic run, you have to invariably change your diet and eat certain kinds of food in high quantities. This could be anything from eggs to tuna fish. However is  your body ready to stomach in an overwhelming quantity at such short notice? This is where you need supplements that physically prepare your body to increase your appetite without which you can never get the muscles you dream of. Supplements that boost appetite are an important component of sports nutrition thus.

Here Are 5 Supplements That Help In Increasing Your Appetite:

1. Plum Extract:

While before scientists were of the opinion that only animals could produce ghrelin, the appetite increasing hormone the plum extract shatterred this conception [1]. Producing a similar hormone, it thus became highly recommended  Anyone interested in this supplement must take it 30 minutes before their meals.

Plum Extract

2. Echinacea Alkylamides:

The Alkylamides in the supplement is the reason why scientists have given their stamp of approval for this herbal supplement in boosting your appetite [2]. While the dried flower is made into a powder its properties of increasing one’s immunity becomes a precursor for a fitter and more resilient body. If taken in the right amounts at the right time as prescribed by your nutritionist you would soon realise that this supplement arouses hunger in you thus pushing you to eat more. However ensure that you do not consume it for more than 10-14 days in a row sos that it can work to its optimal effectiveness.

Echinacea Alkylamides

3. Fish Oil:

By now nobody is a stranger to the fact that a breakfast forms the biggie part of your diet and hence one’s appetite is a result of what they have for breakfast [3]. Hence it is recommended to have the fish oil extract before breakfast everyday.

Fish oil

4. Vitamin B:

While Vitamin B and Folic acid are abundantly available in vegetables , poultry and green leaves respectively, Vitamin B12 is not that readily available in the form of direct sources [4]. Hence there are many supplements for Vitamin B12 in the market which you have to wisely choose after consulting with your nutritionist. By speeding your metabolism, Vitamin B12 keeps you hungry for more. Hence it is always wise to have this supplement after your meals.

Vitamin B

5. Zinc:

If you are passionate about body building you would be well aware of the fact that low appetite is always connected to low zinc levels as well [5].  This is because zinc improves the function of your immune system with respect to digestion as it produces a hydrochlorine acid.While food like oysters  chicken, cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds have zinc, supplements need not be considered in such a scenario. However if the zinc levels in your body are extremely low  and you are prescribed an intake of zinc supplement then go ahead. For beginners the ideal quantity would be 9-15 milligrams a day.


6. Herbal Stimulants:

Herbal stimulants are available in the form of powders or seeds that can be easily stirred in your meals or taken with your tea [6] .The best part about these is that the supplement is not separate and is very much the part of your meal. Some of the common herbal stimulants are Caraway seeds, black currant chicory , dandelion, ginseng and yarrow. All of this when taken with tea will do what they are ought to do.

Herbal Stimulants


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