5 Superb Breakfast Items That Are High In Protein


All of us take our breakfast in morning before we go to our work. Do you know that only a proper breakfast can
give us proper start of our day? So, what is a proper breakfast? In a single sentence we can say breakfast that is
rich in protein component is a proper breakfast. Protein is a very important compound for our body as it is the
building unit of the cells of our body. Protein provides the essential fatty acids to our body which is an
essential nutrient for our body.

List Of 5 Superb Breakfast Items That Are High In Protein

Boiled Egg

Try boiled egg in your everyday breakfast as it a greatest source of protein. It is one of the healthy breakfast options that you ever have. It provides you all the 9 important essential fatty acids for your body. As it is boiled so it is free from preservatives. And you all know”An egg every day keep doctors away”.

boiled egg

Cheese Sandwich

Try cheese sandwich in your every day breakfast. It keeps you full for long hours and also a great source of protein. Cheese is a superb source of milk protein and it is good for hair and skin. This breakfast is a great option for a healthy breakfast for protein rich content. Use the cheese type that you choice the most. Cheese sandwich is a great breakfast item which provides you a large amount of protein requirement per day.



Milk is an all time favorite breakfast options which are rich in protein. It is high in protein content so that it is highly suitable for the breakfast for the children. As it is a great source for protein it also rich in other vital nutrients too. Milk is needed for maintaining a healthy hair and skin.



Try to eat handful of Almonds in your regular breakfast. It is full of vital nutrients like protein, vitamins and
also minerals. The protein content of almond is good for maintaining healthy skin. It is rich source of protein
which is a good source of essential amino acids that is important for your body.



Porridge is also an excellent item for breakfast which is a rich source of protein. Also it keeps your stomach
full for long hours and gives you the necessary amounts of protein to kick start your day.