5 Best Vitamin Supplements For Weight Gain

Vitamin Supplements For Weight Gain

Being too thin is as harmful for your health as being overweight or obese. Often underlying health problems cause unintentional weight loss. In other cases, strenuous physical activities, genetics, stress and emotional issues prevent you from gaining weight. However, being underweight does not necessarily imply that you are unhealthy. Nevertheless, people who are underweight have a higher risk of osteoporosis, infections and fertility problems. While consuming additional calories can help you gain weight, but you must make sure that you are obtaining the extra calories from healthy sources such as whole grains or complex carbohydrates, healthy proteins and fats and fruits and vegetables. In addition, regular intake of certain vitamin supplements is recommended by health professionals to facilitate the weight gain process.

These Are Vitamin Supplements for Weight Gain

1. Vitamin A

For healthy weight gain, you must concentrate on increasing the lean muscle mass. Vitamin A stimulates protein synthesis, which is essential for promoting muscle growth. Moreover, by supporting glycogen production, it helps in improving stamina. Hence, it helps underweight people overcome fatigue.

Vitamin A

2. Thiamine

When poor appetite is preventing you from gaining weight, thiamine or vitamin B1 supplementation can help in increasing your appetite and supports healthy weight gain. It also helps in reducing fatigue and boosts stamina. Apart from increasing energy intake, thiamine also helps in muscle growth.


3. Vitamin B6

Another vitamin that helps in increasing appetite is vitamin B6 or pyridoxine. In addition, it helps in building lean muscles. It also helps the body to use carbohydrates. As underweight people often complain of fatigue, vitamin B6 supplements can help in increasing their energy level.

Vitamin B6

4. Vitamin C

When high level of stress hormone is causing unintentional weight loss, vitamin C supplementation, by averting stress, can help in healthy weight gain. Vitamin C works by suppressing production of excessive stress hormone. As underweight individuals are susceptible to infections, by strengthening the immune system, vitamin C helps in protecting them from recurrent respiratory infections.

Vitamin c

5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D aids synthesis of the hormone testosterone, which helps in building muscles and supports healthy weight gain. Moreover, by improving absorption of calcium, vitamin D helps in maintaining the normal mineral density of the bones and reduces risk of osteoporosis.

Vitamin D

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