5 Benefits Of Taking Chromium To Aid Weight Loss


In recent years, a number of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of chromium in aiding healthy loss of weight. Chromium is a trace mineral. However, most foods contain a small amount of chromium. Therefore, if you are not following a balanced diet, you may develop chromium deficiency, which, according to recent studies, is a cause of unwanted weight gain.Adult men usually need 35 mcg of chromium daily and 25 mcg of chromium per day is usually considered sufficient for adult women. However, this minimum recommended dietary allowance may not suffice to speed up weight loss, which necessitates chromium supplementation.

Here Is How Chromium Helps In Weight Loss.

Reduces Sugar Cravings

Food cravings, especially craving for sugary treats and foods containing refined carbohydrates is a leading cause of overeating. As the fluctuating blood sugar levels triggers sugar cravings, by stabilizing the blood sugar level, chromium helps in suppressing sugar cravings.


Increases Energy

Athletes often take chromium supplements to increase energy. Your body needs a small amount of chromium for metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, which helps in increasing the energy level. It helps in boosting your stamina and endurance so that you can exercise for a longer time and burn calories essential for losing weight.


Reduces Body Fat

Some placebo-controlled double blind studies have shown that chromium decreases body fat. It also helps in lowering the concentration of harmful lipids in the blood. Hence, increasing intake of chromium rich foods or chromium supplementation can help in getting rid of the unwanted body fat.


Improves Lean Muscle Mass

Increasing the lean muscle mass is one of the best ways to rev up the sluggish metabolism and attain your ideal body mass index with ease. Studies have shown that apart from reducing the body fat, chromium helps in increasing the lean muscle mass.


Reduces Insulin Resistance

When your body cells do not respond to a small amount of insulin, excess insulin circulates in the blood. As insulin also plays a role in fat storage, too much insulin in the blood boosts the body’s fat reserve. It especially increases fat build-up in the abdomen. Studies have shown that chromium helps in reducing insulin resistance. Hence, it helps in inhibiting accumulating of excess body fat.


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