4 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water

4 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water

We have all heard the saying that “Water is life”. This is unarguably true! Our very existence on this earth is because of “Water” and “Oxygen”. We need water to quench our thirst. We need water for smooth functioning of our system, whose composition is 70% water. But, have you thought about the quality of water we drink on a daily basis? Are you aware of its composition?

What we consume is acidic water that contains harmful heavy metals such as mercury, lead and so on. To prevent the harmful effects of acidic water, you need to drink alkaline water.

Let’s See What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Alkaline Water:

To Combat Acidity:

Individuals who frequently suffer from heartburn or GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disorder) can benefit by consuming alkaline water. Too much acidity can cause ulcers in the long run, which could be prevented by drinking not much but at least 2-3 glasses of alkaline water each day. It is also a good preventive remedy against development of cancer in the long run as an acidic environment is found to be an ideal ground for thriving and multiplication of cancer cells.

To Combat Acidity

To Detox The System:

We unknowingly consume a lot of toxic substances almost daily either by inhaling pollutants through air or toxic metals through food and water. Many substances specially in packaged foods prove toxic to the body if consumed above a certain quantity. Medicines also increase body toxicity mainly of kidney and liver. Alkaline water when consumed in moderation is known to neutralize the harmful effects of these body toxins, thus it has a purifying effect on the body.

To Detox The System

As A Destressor:

Alkaline water has strong antioxidant properties as it effectively neutralizes the free radicals generated within the body due to stressful activities. A glass or two of ionized alkaline water is an effective destressor and serves to energize you after an intense workout.

As A Destressor

Good For Smokers And Alcoholics:

Smokers and alcoholics have a highly acidic system, and so ionized alkaline water greatly helps to reduce the harmful effects that smoke and alcohol have on their body.

Good For Smokers And Alcoholics

Note that all water is not the same. Considering these health benefits, getting an alkaline water ionizer machine installed at home seems like a good idea. So, get one soon and sip ionized alkaline water and let good health flow within your body!