4 Amazing Natural Supplements To Overcome Fatigue


One of the main health problems of today’s generation revolves around fatigue. Feeling tired and lazy all the time signifies the stress in life and all we do to get rid of this stress is taking sleep at night but it that all? Perhaps not. The whole night’s sleep is not all that can pull you out of fatigue. As fatigue represents the shortage of energy in the body and the energy being important for performing cellular functions, it is the first step to look after the energy capitalization in the body. Therefore, keeping in mind that this energy is drawn from our daily intake of vitamins and minerals, it is must to keep the supply of these intact in the body. Down here are given 4 natural supplements that can help you out in fighting fatigue.

Here Are 4 Amazing Natural Supplements To Overcome Fatigue


It is the hormones that regulate and initiate the creation of energy in the body. Proper consumption of iodine stimulates the thyroid gland to form hormones that regulate other hormones. To meet the need of iodine, have sea foods, dark leafy vegetables, and sea vegetables.


Vitamin B 12

For energy metabolism, every cell of our body require vitamin B12. Almost, entire energy creation in the body depends on vitamin B12. Unfortunately, human body in unable to synthesize this vitamin by itself in the body, therefore it is must to be taken from the sources like red meats, clams, dairy products and mussels.

vitamin b12


The lowering of melatonin in the body is also responsible for fatigue condition. Released from the pineal gland, this hormone influences the energy metabolism directly. Fortunately, melatonin can be synthesize itself in the body but you can always manage to increase its count by maintaining proper sleeping hours.



A healthy heart, a healthy brain, proper nerve functioning and proper muscles all signifies the good amount of magnesium in the body. Moreover, magnesium is required to activate ATP in the body. According to research, menopausal women are found with lower amount of magnesium. This also proved to be the answer of their inability to perform daily tasks. To maintain proper amount of magnesium in the body, you can consume almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, raw spinach and quinoa.