19 Magnesium Deficiency Causes Symptoms And Treatment


Based on the studies conducted, it has been found that there are more than 60 % percentage of people who are suffered from the deficiency of magnesium in the body. Some of the problem which can be caused due to its deficiency are insomnia, muscle cramps, morning sickness etc. In this article we will provide you complete information regarding magnesium deficiency in terms of its causes, symptoms and treatment.

Here Are The List Of Causes Symptoms And Deficiency Of Magnesium Deficiency


The symptoms of this deficiency are hard to figure out in a person. Lack of magnesium in the body affects the functioning of metabolic, thyroid, heart, muscle problems and gastro-intestinal systems.


A person suffering from this deficiency is seen to get seizures.


Anxiety And Depression

Tension, dullness, mood swings, depression are some of the signs of this deficiency.


Respiratory Disorders Asthma

A person who does not have adequate amounts of magnesium in their body experiences acute breathing trouble which is also called as Asthma. In this condition a person faces difficulty in breathing.


Acute Fatigue

Fatigue, lethargy, nausea and vomiting sensations are some of the common symptoms seen in person with this deficiency.


Lack Of Sleep

Sleep disorders such as Insomnia are one of the most disturbing and likely issues to develop in this case. A person when not able to sleep well results into anger, irritation, confusion, sleepiness during the day time and lack of alertness and decision making abilities. It hampers the overall performance of the body.


Inability To Handle Stress

Stress is very common in today’s life. A person with lack of magnesium content in the body experiences difficulty in coping with the stress. This further leads to various types of nervous disorders.


Cramps In Muscle And Stomach

Pain and cramps in muscle and stomach is the sign of this deficiency.


Difficulty In Swallowing

If one is unable to swallow the food without any problems in the mouth or food pipe then it could be due to magnesium deficiency.


Hair Fall

Excessive loss of hair and falling of hairs are the signs of lack of magnesium in the body.

hair fall

Increased Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure is rising increasingly then it can also be due to the deficiency of magnesium.



Now let us look at the causes of this deficiency. The basic causes leading to lack of magnesium can be improper dietary choices, on-going illness, effects of certain pharmaceuticals and genetic conditions. To properly treat this deficiency it is very important to know about the factors which cause this deficiency in the body.

Diets With Low Magnesium Content

If your diet does not contain adequate levels of magnesium then it is one of the possible causes of the deficiency. Eating processed foods, fatty and oily foods, sodas etc. also leads to development of its deficiency.


Genetic Disorders

A person who has some sort of genetic disorders can also result into the deficiency of magnesium in the body.


Maximum Intake Of calcium 

Calcium is required by the body to absorb magnesium. Increased amount of calcium can imbalance the levels of magnesium and would hinder its absorption in the body. It is advisable to maintain a proper balance between both of the nutrients in the body. If you have to consume calcium in the form of supplement then make sure you club it with sufficient magnesium so as to maintain proper levels in the body.


Use Of Certain Medicines

There are some medicine which when used can cause side effects leading to the deficiency of this nutrient in the body. Some of them are excessive use of antibiotics, antidepressants, antacids etc.


Consumption Of Alcohol

Alcohol consumption and other addiction also lead to deficiency of magnesium in the body.



If you are suffering from any past illness it can also contribute towards lack of magnesium in the body.


Digestive Disorders

Some of the digestive problems like intolerance towards gluten, leaky gut etc. leads to improper absorption of magnesium from the food.



Magnesium Rich Foods

Intake those food products that provides your body with sufficient amount of magnesium content. These are pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, spinach, almonds, brown rice, flax seeds, dark chocolate etc.


External Application Of Magnesium In The Form Of Oil

Magnesium gets very easily absorbed in the deeper layers of the skin. Magnesium oil is conveniently available in drug stores. Apply this oil to compensate the deficiency of magnesium.

magnessium oil

Save yourself from the acute health problems leading due to this deficiency by early detection and treatment.

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