17 Estrogen Deficiency Causes Symptoms And Treatment


Estrogen is one of the important kinds of female hormones that are necessary for various purposes. Reduction in the amount of estrogen can hamper in various types of process. The level of estrogen mainly reduces during menopause in women. The actual reduction of estrogen can also take place much before menopause takes place. It can lead to disturbance in the menstrual cycle and which becomes the cause for major types of problems in women.

List Of 17 Estrogen Deficiency Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Causes Of Reduction In Estrogen

Estrogen is considered as a hormone that is used for various types of functions in women. Hence the level of this hormone can vary in due course of time. It is very necessary to maintain the actual level of estrogen in the body. Various types of causes includes menopause, disorders in eating, excess of exercise, genetic problems and problem with pituitary diseases.


Symptoms Of Reduce Level Of Estrogen


Anxiety is a very major kind of symptom that can be seen in people who contain less level of estrogen in their body. Excess levels of anxiety clearly indicate low level of estrogen.



Depression is one of the major symptoms that is caused due to reduce level of estrogen in the body. People suffering from depression mainly contain low estrogen levels.


Low Concentration

The level of concentration starts degrading if the level of estrogen falls in the human body. The actual level should be kept intact in order to concentrate in day to day life.



Migraines or otherwise termed as headaches are also symptom of low levels of estrogen in the body. A person containing less estrogen can frequently suffer from migraine or headache problem. Women mainly suffer from this problem during their menstruation cycle.


Sweating During Night Time

Sweating is generally experienced during wake up time. People suffering from low estrogen levels undergo sweating during night time during sleeping.


Increase In Heartbeat Rate

The rate of heartbeat can also increase in case of low estrogen levels. Increase in the normal rate of heartbeat can lead to severe types of complications in the body.


Stiffness In The Joints

Joint stiffness is very common due to reduction in the level of estrogen. This can also be the reason due to which, women during later stage of their life suffer from joint pain and other problems related to joints.


Reduce In The Level Of Libido

Women with less levels of estrogen in their body can suffer from low libido. Reduction in the levels of libido can hamper their personal life to great extent.


Memory Loss

Memory loss problem also becomes common with people who are badly suffering from low levels of estrogen in their body. A person starts forgetting things on regular basis.


Nervous System Issues

The reduce level of estrogen can also hamper the nervous system in human beings. The presence of estrogen is very much mandatory to take care of the emotions. It will help to balance the emotions in a very perfect manner.


Irregular Periods

Irregular periods can also become common with women who are suffering from low levels of estrogen in their body. Thus proper care must be taken to maintain the actual levels.


Heart Diseases

The occurrence of heart disease becomes very normal for women who are having less level of estrogen in their body. Thus, the actual level of estrogen should be maintained to keep the heart healthy.

heart diseases

Infection In The Urinary Tract

In case of lower levels of estrogen, women can suffer from infection in their urinary tract. This has become a major issue with most of the women due to reduced levels of estrogen.


Treatment Regarding Deficiency Of Estrogen

There are various types of treatment that can be applied in order to meet the exact requirement of estrogen in the body. Few of the treatments are as follows

Proper Medication

Proper type of medications should be taken under doctor guidance in order to increase the amount of estrogen in the human body. A doctor can help to take the respective medicines or tablets to increase the estrogen levels.


Consider Taking Supplements

Various types of supplements are available in the market that can help to meet the exact requirement of estrogen in the body. These supplements should be used in perfect manner to get the desired results.


Take Minerals And Vitamins

Increasing in the intake of minerals and vitamins on regular basis can help to meet the exact amount of estrogen in the human body. Various food products that are rich source of minerals and vitamins can be consumed in diet. The intake of estrogen should always be taken along with progesterone to get the best results.


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