16 Vitamin E Deficiency Causes Symptoms And Treatment


Human body requires huge numbers of essential things to carry out various types of activities in the body. Vitamins are one of the most essential requirements of the human body. Vitamin E is considered as one type of vitamin that can help to maintain the immune system of the body. The immunity of the body is made intact with the presence of Vitamin E. this particular vitamin is known as fat soluble type of vitamin that also contains wide range of antioxidant properties in it. Presence of Vitamin E will surely help to take care of various functions.

List Of 16 Vitamin E Deficiency Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Causes Generating Vitamin E Deficiency

Liver Problem

Problems relating to pancreas, liver and gall bladder can lead to deficiency of Vitamin E in the body. People who are suffering from the problem of liver mainly fall sort of Vitamin E in their body.


Neglecting Vitamin E Rich Food

Reduce in the daily intake of Vitamin E rich food items can lead to such types of problems. There is some perfect requirement of this vitamin on daily basis. A small change in the normal level can lead to deficiency.


Symptoms Of Vitamin E Deficiency

Deficiency of Vitamin E can lead to serious types of problems in the body. Few of the symptoms can provide clear idea of the deficiency of Vitamin E in the human body.

Loss Of Hair

Hair loss problem can be due to various types of reasons. Reduce level of Vitamin E can also become one of the major problem that can lead to loss of hair on regular basis. The hair also tends to become dry and finally falls from the root.

hair loss

Problems Related To Nervous System

Various types of nervous system problems also take place at the same time. All kinds of problems related to nervous system can be seen in arms, hands, feet and legs.


Gastrointestinal Diseases

Various types of gastrointestinal diseases can also take place due to reduce level of Vitamin E in the body. There are various types of gastrointestinal problems taking place in the body, which becomes common during deficiency of Vitamin E.


Healing Problems

The healing of tissues will also take more amount of time in case of Vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E is mainly responsible to maintain the formation of tissues and its maintenance. Reduction in amount of Vitamin E will hamper the overall healing process of Vitamin E.


Weakness In Muscles

Muscle weakness can also take place in case of Vitamin E deficiency. There is continuous weakness experienced in the muscles and thus amount of Vitamin E should be maintained at any cost.


Paralysis Of The Eye Muscles

Eye muscles also suffer from paralysis problem and thus stop blinking at normal interval. This is also a clear symptom of Vitamin E deficiency in the body. With proper care and attention, the level of Vitamin E can be increased and the problem can be cured.


Problem With Clotting Time

Clotting time of blood is also delayed in case of Vitamin E deficiency. People who are suffering from low levels of Vitamin E will suffer from blood clotting time issue. The person requires more amount of time to clot their blood.

blood clot


Cataracts also become one of the symptoms of Vitamin E deficiency. The person suffers from regular cataracts as the immune system of the entire body is highly compromised due to less presence of this particular vitamin.


Hot Flashes

The person with less level of this vitamin can suffer from hot flashes problem. It can take place at any point of time and thus need to be taken care on time.

hot flashes

Dry Skin

The skin becomes very dry in case of Vitamin E deficiency. This is the reason as to why Vitamin E is the main type of ingredient in all leading kinds of facial products.

dry skin


Myopathy is a problem where the actual muscular fibers do not work properly. Deficiency of Vitamin E in the human body can lead to such kind of problem.


Treatment Of Vitamin E Deficiency

Consume Vitamin E Rich Foods

Intake of food items that are rich in Vitamin E such as nuts, avocados, olive oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, pumpkin, almonds and many more maintain the actual level of Vitamin E required in the body. Regular intake should be done to get long lasting results.

vitamin e

Consume Green Vegetable

Green vegetables such as papayas, carrots and green leafy vegetables can provide the required amount of Vitamin E to the body. This should be taken on regular basis.


Take Vitamin E Supplements

Vitamin E supplements can also be consumed with proper consultation from a physician. It will help to manage the actual requirement.


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