14 Zinc Deficiency Causes Symptoms Of Diseases Caused And Treatment


Zinc is a vital mineral needed for a wide range of physical and mental functions and actions which involve metabolism and energy. The most crucial function of zinc is to provide support to the immune system of the body and safeguard us from micro-organisms that cause infections and other diseases. Another vital function of zinc is to break the carbohydrate and supply energy to the system. Division, growth and reproduction of the body cells also depend heavily on zinc. Since zinc is such an essential nutrient for the human body, its deficiency can cause a host of health disorders. Zinc deficiency usually causes hearing and vision impairment, delayed growth of sexuality in men, vulnerability to infection, anemia, dry skin, weight loss and appetite loss.

List Of Zinc Deficiency Causes  Symptoms Of Diseases Caused And Treatment

Causes Of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency in the body mostly takes place due to improper way of consuming foods like eating scant amount of vegetables, meats and fruits. In fact, our body becomes deficient of zinc more often than what is usually thought. In elderly people, zinc deficiency occurs due to its inadequate intake or when increased amount of zinc gets lost from the body. Sometimes, zinc deficiency happens due to high exposure to copper or when there is increased requirement of zinc in the body. Some factors like stress, high intake of sugar, alcohol, low intake of protein and copper obstruct in the proper absorption of zinc, leading to its deficiency. Often, health condition known as gastrointestinal mal-absorption also results in zinc deficiency.


Diseases Caused By Zinc Deficiency And Their Symptoms

Zinc deficiency can cause a wide range of diseases and health disorders. Here is a list of some of the most common health conditions which are triggered by zinc deficiency in the body.

Weak immunity

Zinc deficiency in the body mostly results in weak immunity because functions of the body cells usually get affected due to the deficiency. As a result of it, the affected person becomes vulnerable to infectious and viral diseases.


Imbalance Of Menstrual Cycle

Zinc is vital for the regulation of menstrual cycle in women. Deficiency of zinc may cause not only irregular menstrual cycle but it can also bring about premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in women.


Thyroid Function

Zinc helps in the production of T3 or triiodothyronine, a hormone that plays role in the proper function of thyroid gland. Thus, a deficiency in zinc can hinder the function of thyroid gland.


Mood Swing

Mood swing is an important symptom of zinc deficiency in the body. When this deficiency is caused, patients experience behavioral issues and sleep disturbance. Sometimes, mood swing induced by zinc deficiency also results in fatigue and lack of concentration.


Cell Division

Zinc is very important in the growth and division of cells. It is particularly crucial for the fetal development. Zinc deficiency in pregnant women may lead to impaired growth of the baby. It is because of this reason that doctors advise zinc intake during pregnancy.

cell division


Retina in our eyes holds fair quantity of zinc. So, zinc deficiency may also cause cataract, night blindness and loss of vision.


Hair Loss

Zinc promotes sebum production in the body. This oily secretion which acts as natural conditioner is very important for the promotion of healthy hair. It also fights dandruff. Deficiency of zinc makes the hair thin, dull and grey. This condition may also result in hair loss.

hair loss

Skin Disorders

A body that is deficient of zinc may experience various skin disorders like skin lesions, dry skin, rashes, psoriasis and eczema. The anti-inflammatory properties of zinc wards off skin-related issues like sunburn, gum disorders and blisters.

dry skin

Nail Disorder

Deficiency of zinc in the body can cause various nail disorders such as inflamed cuticles, white marks on nails and hangnails.


Peptic Ulcer

For curing any kind of wounds and injuries, the efficacy of zinc is matchless. In order to cure peptic ulcer, zinc has vital role to play. Therefore, zinc deficiency in a person experiencing peptic ulcer may become life-threatening.


Acne Vulgaris

It is the most common kind of acne which usually occurs due to zinc deficiency and affects people from pubescence to adulthood.


Complication In Pregnancy

Deficiency of zinc during pregnancy may lead to several birth-related complications like depression, protracted labor, difficulty in delivery and hemorrhage.


Treatment Of Zinc Deficiency

A mild type of zinc deficiency can be treated at home by including zinc rich foods in regular diets. Dietary sources which can restore zinc deficiency in your body include beef, lamb, peanuts, beans, oyster and pumpkin seeds. If these dietary sources fail to respond, you can take supplements for better result.


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