14 Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Symptoms And Treatment


Vitamin D is very necessary type of vitamin that is required for proper functioning of the body. There are various types of needs of Vitamin D in the body that are people are not aware of. The best source of Vitamin D is sunshine and hence is the natural form of providing this particular vitamin. Deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to serious types of results in short duration of time.

List Of 14 Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Causes Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Sunlight Exposure Deficiency

Limited exposure to sunshine can lead to deficiency of this vitamin. It is always recommended to receive the early morning sunshine that is free from UV rays and which is good for the skin and overall health of the body. Dark skin will avoid the proper absorption of Vitamin D into the body. It is a common scene and people with dark skin mainly suffer from this problem.


Focusing Less On Vitamin D Food

Intake of required amount of vitamins is very less and which should be maintained for long term basis. The intake of proper Vitamin D on time can help to provide desired results. Various types of diet such as fish oils, cheese, milk and various sources can work out perfectly.


Increase In Age

Increase in the age can also lead to reduction in the absorption of Vitamin D by the upper skin. People with more age are not able to maintain the level of this vitamin in their body.


Symptoms Of Vitamin D

There are various types of symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency and which should not be avoided at any cost. The symptoms during early stage warn us to maintain proper level of Vitamin D in the body.


Infections become very common during Vitamin D deficiency as it leads to hamper the overall immunity of the body. Various types of respiratory infections become common. Infections affect the respiratory tract of the body to different extent.



Few people with Vitamin D deficiency also suffers from the problem of depression. Early stages of depression also indicate that the particular vitamin is in shortage. It has been seen that people who are suffering from depression are badly affected due to further decrease in Vitamin D in their body.


Autoimmune Diseases

Vitamin D is considered as a perfect type of immune modulator. This will help to prevent various types of autoimmune diseases such as bowel disease and multiple sclerosis. Thus, proper level of Vitamin D is always desired.


Joint Pain

People with less amount of Vitamin D in their body also tend to suffer from pain in their joints. It is a very common type of symptom during vitamin deficiency.

joint pain

Increase In Blood Pressure

The blood pressure also increases suddenly in case of Vitamin D deficiency. It is already proved that low amount of Vitamin D in the body will automatically trigger the increase of blood pressure.


Pain In The Muscles

Muscle pain is also common for people who are having deficiency of Vitamin D in their body. The pain will increase with due course of time. Hence proper steps must be taken to maintain the vitamin and avoid pain as well as weakness in the muscles.


Lack Of Concentration

The person with low Vitamin D in the body cannot properly concentrate on his/her work. Concentration becomes a big problem during Vitamin D deficiency.



Constipation is also a clean symptom for deficiency of Vitamin D in the body. The low level of this vitamin leads to poor bowel movement and ultimately leads to constipation.


Treatment For Vitamin D

With proper type of treatment, the level of Vitamin D in the body can be increased to high extent. Use of various practices will surely to maintain the exact amount of this vitamin in the body.

Proper Diet

Proper intake of diet will directly help to get Vitamin D at the instant. There are various types of food items that provide Vitamin D to the body. A person should be well aware of the best food items and consume it on regular basis to meet the exact requirement of Vitamin D.


Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D supplements are the other kind of solution to meet the Vitamin D deficiency in the body. These types of supplements should always be taken with prior help from the doctors. There is a specific dose that should be maintained to increase the intake of Vitamin D.

vitamin d

Exposure To Early Morning Sun Light

Spend some time during early morning hours to increase the intake of Vitamin D in the body. Sunshine is the major source of this vitamin. It is advised to gain the benefit during early morning hours as the sunlight does not contain UV rays. It helps to meet the exact Vitamin D requirement through absorption from the skin.


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