12 Causes Symptoms And Treatment Of Vitamin A Deficiency


Vitamin A deficiency refers to low levels of Vitamin A which is below than the required limits in the body. This has been the major cause which leads to vision impairment, night blindness, short and long sightedness and various other eye problems in a person. This problem can occur at any age. It has been observed that children who do not get sufficient amount of Vitamin A in their diet can develop these eye disorders at their young age which deteriorates as they grow up. The deficiency of this vitamin also hampers the ability of defence mechanism of a person. Bones becomes weak and fragile. Body becomes incapable to fight away in infections which lead to several other health issues like measles, acute diarrhoea or infection in respiratory tract. This is a very vital nutrient required by the body, and the lack of which can also result into death of infants. In this article we will look at causes, symptoms and treatment of the deficiency of this Vitamin.

List Of Causes Symptoms And Treatment Of Vitamin A Deficiency

Factors Leading To Vitamin A Deficiency

To properly treat a problem it is very important to understand the causes which lead to the development of the deficiency of this vitamin in the body. Not only it is important in an individual but also in pregnant mothers as it keeps the mother and the baby healthy and protected.


This has been the biggest cause behind the deficiency of this vitamin. Less than required consumption of animal foods, dairy products, vegetables especially green leafy vegetables which are a good source of vitamin A results into its deficiency in the body.


Lack Of Breast Feeding

Breast milk contains lots of Vitamin A which is very important for the development of new born babies. So it is very important for lactating mothers to feed their babies well with their breast milk. As this would give them proper nutrition and would lay the foundation for future. Mothers who don’t feed their babies with their breast milk, their children are more prone to develop the deficiency of this Vitamin.


Improper Absorption Of Vitamin A

In spite of consuming vitamin A rich foods, if your body is unable to absorb it and digest it then it causes its deficiency. Lack of absorption of this vitamin can be due to diseases like celiac disease, cirrhosis, jaundice, giardiasis, excessive use of laxative or mineral oil.


Excess Of Urine Excretion

If you excrete urine many times a day then also it deprives your body from this essential vitamin. This increased excretion of urine is due to tuberculosis, pneumonia, cancer and nephritis.


Inability To Store Vitamin A

If your body is unable to contain vitamin A in it then it could also lead to the deficiency of Vitamin A. This condition can arise in a person if you suffering from hepatic disease.


Symptoms Of Vitamin A Deficiency

These are the following symptoms which indicate that your body is suffering from the deficiency of this significant vitamin. If not treated in timely and proper way can lead to several diseases.

Reduced Vision

People suffering with Vitamin A deficiency experience lack of vision and ability to distinguish objects in dim light or during night.


Inflammation In Eyes

Due to this deficiency, a person can suffer from inflammation in the eyes, eye lids and surrounding tissues which can also lead to inflammation in cornea.


Respiratory Tract Or Urinary Tract Infection

Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to infection in urinary tract and respiratory tract infection in child or adult.


Underdevelopment Of Children

Under growth of a person in accordance to the age can be the cause of lack of vitamin A.


Dryness And Roughness Of Skin

Roughness and dryness in the skin could be a possible cause for vitamin A deficiency.


Treatment Of  Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A Rich Diet

Vitamin A is found in various fruits, vegetables, dairy and animal products. This method can be the most secure way to combat the deficiency of this vitamin in the body. Consumption of spinach, milk, butter, cheese, yellow and orange coloured vegetable and fruits gives your body sufficient amount of Vitamin A. To aid in better absorption of this vitamin in your body, it is advised to consume dark green coloured vegetables which has enough Carotene that helps in easy absorption of Vitamin A by the body.

vitamin a

External Supplement Of Vitamin A In The Form Of Oral Medicines Or Injections

One can also acquire its dose by way of oral medicines and injections as prescribed by the doctor.


So keep a check on these symptoms and follow balanced diet to get rid of Vitamin A deficiency in the body.

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