11 Amazing Uses For Lavender Essential Oil


Essential oils are the mostly blessed natural compound that we ever have. We get them form plants in a concentrated way. Use this essential oil mixing it with any carrier oil like olive oil, sesame seed oil, sunflower oil etc. Sometimes they are light colored or colorless. These oils are helpful in solution of different physical problems.
We get the Lavender essential oil from the flower and it has a great aroma; thus it has wide use in aromatherapy. It is rich in numerous medicinal properties and has a great use as ayurvedic medicine. It is a well known home remedy for various physical problems.

Here Are The Uses For Lavender Essential Oil

Great Home Remedy As A Relaxant

In today’s fast life all of us are very much busy in our routine life. The hectic work schedule and every day tension is a great problem for us. We didn’t relax properly. Lavender oil is a well known relaxant used from the ancient times. It removes the tension and fatigue thus you relax properly.


Heals Your Wounds

Lavender oil is great for healing your wounds. Its medicinal property cures it from the both inside and outside. So, now when you have wound in any of your body parts apply this oil without any worry.


Ideal Remedy For Skin Problems

Lavender essential is highly suitable in your skin issues thus it has a wide use in cosmetic products. This essential oil naturally cures any type of infections in your skin in a natural way. It also works great for irritable skin conditions and does not have any harsh effect on your skin.


Works Excellent In Respiratory Problems

According to a medical research 80 out of 100 people are now suffering from respiratory problems due to increasing pollution in the air. Lavender essential oil fantastically works in your respiratory problems. It is very much useful for the respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis. It gives better result than any artificial medicine.


Rich In Antispasmodic Properties

Lavender oil contains numerous medicinal properties and one of the most important properties is antispasmodic property. This amazing property prevents spasms in your body naturally. It is beneficial than any painkiller to remove spasms from your body.


Helpful In Muscle Cramps

Do you have any muscle cramps in your body? Then this Lavender essential oil should be the top choice of all of us. A proper massage with this essential oil will help you in removing different kind of muscle cramps. Mix this essential oil with olive oil and massage your body with this which gives solution in muscle cramps.


Get Relief From Anxiety

Lavender oil has enriched with great aroma which helps in soothing your disturbed mind. Many of us now suffering with the problem of anxiety. Take the smell of raw lavender oil daily for few minutes which naturally calm your mind and relieve all your anxiety. It reduces mental excitement and calms your mind in a healthy way.


Great Solution For The Problem Of Insomnia

Are you suffering from the problem of Insomnia? Spending sleepless nights? Lavender oil may be great natural solution for Insomnia. Mix lavender oil with any carrier oil and take a proper massage. It will improve the blood circulation and also prevents insomnia. There is another way to use it. Mix 2-3 drops of lavender oil in a bucket of water. Now take a bath with this water before you go to your bed in night. It will give you excellent result in the problem of insomnia. Because of this unique medicinal property this essential oil has great use in ayurvedic medicines.


Get Rid From Your Headaches

The anti inflammatory property of lavender oil helps in removing migraine and normal headache. Those who are suffering from chronic headache problem try this home remedy for an excellent result. This remedy is healthier than any analgesic or painkiller which has harmful effect on your body.Massage this oil in your forehead to get relief from headache. But remember that to use it after mixing it with carrier oil. You may take the smell of concentrated lavender oil daily for 2-3 minutes for 3 times to get relief from headache.


Works On Upset Stomach

Lavender essential oil is ideal home remedy for treating digestive and stomach related problem. It gives excellent result in stomach upset problems and flatulence. Regular use of this natural oil will remove the problem naturally.


Urinary Tract Problems

Lavender essential oil is rich in its medicinal properties. This medicinal property is highly beneficial in constriction of urinary bladder and tract. It cures the problem naturally and does not contain any harsh effect on your system.