10 Top Pantothenic Acid Health Benefits And Symptoms Of Deficiency


Pantothenic acid is the scientific name of vitamin B3. It is one of the most important vitamin of vitamin B complex group. It has numerous benefits for our health thus we need a regular consumption of this vitamin. The well known plant sources of this vitamin are peanuts, Cereals, Pea, and Sugarcane Jaggery etc. There are also animal sources of this vitamin too and the vitamin contains in food items like liver, milk, kidney, eggs. Meat, yeast, legumes etc. For getting the benefits of this particular vitamin and prevent the diseases caused by deficiency of this vitamin you have to include this vitamin in your daily diet. But be careful when you are using the food items containing this vitamin as over cooking of this vitamin could destroy this water soluble vitamin.

The Benefits Of Pantothenic Acid Are Stated In The Following

Helps In Absorption

Pantothenic acid plays an important role in our digestion process. It helps in absorption of nutrients and is needed to mobilize fats, proteins and carbohydrate in human body. This physiological process is highly important for body building and thus this vitamin is so important for our body.


Plays Important Role In Production Of Rbc

Red blood corpuscle is highly important for our body as it carries oxygen in to every cells of our body. RBC is mainly produced in the bone marrow of our body and dies in liver. Pantothenic acid takes a huge part in production process of Red Blood Corpuscles in human body. So a regular intake of this vitamin is highly needed for our body as it helps in producing red blood cells.


Prevents Skin Disease

Regular consumption of this vitamin can help you in preventing various skin diseases and keeps your skin glowing. It helps in retaining skin moisture.


Helps In Production Of Hormones

Pantothenic acid plays important roles in production of certain types of steroidal hormones. Steroidal hormones are needed for the emergency or crisis period of human body and this vitamin has a great role in production of such vitamins.


Helps In Hair Growth And Prevents Hair Fall

Pantothenic acid is highly effective for your hair growth giving nutrition to the hair follicles. It also provides nutrition to hair and prevents hair fall.

hair fall
The Deficiencies Of Pantothenic Acid Are Here

Ulcer In Duodenum

Duodenum plays vital role in our digestion process and it is an important organ of our body. Deficiency of this particular vitamin can result in ulcer in duodenum which hampers the digestion process also.


Hampers Lipid Metabolism

Although pantothenic acid is water soluble vitamin but deficiency of this vitamin can hamper the lipid metabolism in human body. It is really dangerous as lipid or fat is an important nutrient for our body which helps in cell regeneration. lipid

Can Result In Hair Fall

If you are lack of this vitamin pantothenic acid it would result in hair fall problems. The hair should be lack of nutrition and thus can lack of health too.

hair fall

Can Result In Skin Disease

Deficiency of this vitamin can give a visible result on your skin as the skin goes too rough. There should be a risk of various skin diseases if you are lacking this vitamin.


Can Cause Eczema

Deficiency of this vitamin can cause dehydration of your skin as the skin looses its natural oil easily. This would result in skin diseases like eczema of you are lacking from this essential vitamin.