10 Symptoms Causes And Treatment Of Calcium Deficiency


Calcium is a very important element needed for the sound development of bones, nails and teeth of the body. It aids the development of new bones and helps in maintaining the strength of existing bones. Normal amount of calcium which needs to be consumed by a person on a daily basis is 1500 mg. When body does not have the adequate amounts of calcium in the body then it leads to its deficiency. The problem of calcium deficiency is very common in women more than men and becomes more pronounced when they reach their menopause stage. Though there are many symptoms which gives an indication of this disease, the major being cramps and pain in the muscles and joints. This deficiency of calcium can be prevented using intake of calcium in the form of natural foods, calcium medicines and injections. A person suffering from the lack of calcium in the body observes muscular pain mostly in the region of knee, arms, thighs and thumb of the feet. Indulging in strength training and exercises which helps in strengthening bones and muscles would also help one relieving calcium deficiency in later years.

In This Article We Will Look At The Important Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Calcium Deficiency


Tooth Decay And Delayed Formation Of Teeth

Calcium is a vital element which helps in forming new teeth and preserving the old ones in best state. For healthy white and strong teeth it is important to provide your body with adequate amount of calcium on regular basis. Lack of calcium also impacts the health of teeth. Tooth decay is one of the symptoms which lead to deficiency of calcium in the body. If a person is suffering from its deficiency since childhood then you can also see delay in the initial development of tooth.


Weaker And Thinner Bones

The lack of calcium leads to thinning of bones and reducing its density. It happens on a gradual basis in a person. When the bones become thin they are more prone to breaking in a little application of pressure or jerk. A person with this deficiency can be at a higher risk of fractures, muscle pains, spasms and also rickets.


Brittleness Of Nails

Nails also need calcium in proper quantities to grow and stay healthy and strong. Lack of calcium helps in making nails weak and easily breakable.


Delayed Puberty

Late onset of puberty is mostly seen with girls with calcium deficiency. Their menstruation issues such as menstrual cramps, body aches etc. are also one of the possible indications of less calcium content in the body.


Roughness Of Hairs

Calcium is also good for hairs. A person who is deprived on adequate amounts of calcium feels roughness and brittleness in their hairs.



Natural Aging

A large part of calcium in the body is stored in the form of bones. As a person grows, it is natural that the bones will start shedding calcium which would lead to deficiency in the body. It is important that women start taking adequate amount of calcium before reaching their menopause stage as they can maintain healthy and strong bones at that stage too.


Reduced Level Of Estrogen Hormone

When a women reaches menopause stage, the level of an important female hormone- estrogen drops in the body which results in thinning of bones. This condition can also lead to osteoporosis and other calcium impacted diseases.


Disorder In Hormone

A person who suffers with hormonal disorder – hypoparathyroidism gets affected by calcium deficiency. Their body is not capable of producing sufficient amount of parathyroid hormone which is responsible to controls adequate levels of calcium in the blood.


Malnutrition And Malabsorption

If a person does not get adequate amounts of calcium from their diet or if the body lacks an important element – Vitamin D which helps in absorption of calcium in the body then also it leads to calcium deficiency.



The deficiency of calcium can be treated effectively by include those food items which are rich in calcium like dairy products (milk, curd, cheese, cottage cheese), sardines, spinach etc. In acute cases, doctor even suggests for calcium supplements in the form of medicines or injections. It is also important to spend some time in sunlight to provide your body with Vitamin D that would help in absorption of calcium in the body and overcome its deficiency.

dairy products

Prevention is better than cure. If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms then it is best to consult a doctor on an immediate basis. Delay in taking medical help will cause loss of bone strength and insomnia which can be detrimental to the health of the body.

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