10 Foods That Are High In Vitamin B12

10 Foods That Are High in Vitamin B12

Vitamin b 12 is one of the most vital and beneficial nutrient which is required by the body for proper growth and development of the body. Generally, vitamin b 12 is found in animal flesh and meat and slightly available in different foods. It is one of the most critical vitamins as the deficiency of vitamin b 12 can lead to numerous issues like anemia, brain disease an much more. This vitamin is highly important because it is the key element which is required for proper functioning of the brain and the nervous system. People, who consume low animal products, are non vegetarians and also are vegan, are highly open towards the risk of vitamin b 12 deficiencies. Knowing the importance of the significance of this vitamin, if you want to include it in your regular diet, here are some varied foods which consists a large amount of vitamin b 12 which you can consider and stay fit!

1. Shell Fish

This amazing food has very high amounts of vitamin b 12 contain. With also a small amount of shell fish with some healthy nutrients, you can gain a high amount of vitamin b 12.[1] Include shell fish in your diet for getting more vitamin b 12 and resisting all the disease which would come with vitamin b 12 deficiencies.

Shell fish

2. Liver

Another food content which has a very high amount of vitamin b 12, Chicken liver is one of the amazing foods to consider if you are facing issues like anemia, brain and nervous system disorders and such disease.[2] Regular intake of this food would surely help you in reducing the effects of the disease soon!


3. Crabs

If you are a non vegetarian, this is a cool food which would simply help you in increasing your vitamin b 12 content! If you love crabs, lobsters, shrimps, consume these foods and stay away from the vitamin b 12 deficiency.[3] Along with vitamin b 12, this food has amazing nutritional value which would get you all the essential minerals for a healthy body.


4. Tofu

Tofu is one of the amazing milk product which you can consume and have an amazingly fit body.[4] Tofu is rich with protein, vitamin b 12, calcium and so many other minerals and nutrients which would get you stronger, healthier and fit body. Consume fresh tofu regularly and get a body worth having!


5. Cereals

If you love different kind of cereals, fill your morning breakfast with cereals and different brans and you would never get such a refreshing and healthy morning![5] Cereals are filled with all the essential minerals which are required by your body for various processes. Consume cereals and make the healthiest meal of your day more powerful!


6. Dairy (skimmed) Milk

If you love milk, here is one more cool and amazing reason which would make you fall in love with milk again! Milk is filled with calcium, protein, vitamin b 12 and such other minerals which would get you are amazing strength and fit body.[6] Consider a glass full of skimmed milk everyday and get a body worth having!

Dairy (skimmed) milk

7. Eggs

Eggs are also an animal product derived from the chickens.[7] This amazing food is rich with uncountable minerals and nutrients which would satisfy all the energy and nutrient requirement of your body. Regularly eating eggs in breakfast would boost up your mornings and get you ahead for an energetic, healthy and stronger day! Consider eggs and you would get amazing levels of vitamin b 12 soon!


8. Red Meat

Red meat is also a source of vitamin b 12 derived from beef which would make your body fit.[8] If you are suffering from any disease and the doctors suggest the reason as vitamin b 12 deficiencies, go for this food and increase your vitamin b 12 content in just no time!

Red meat

9. Cheese

This is one of the most delicious and tasty food options which would get you tons of vitamin b 12. This amazing food has numerous varieties like parmesan, mozzarella, feta cheese etc which have different amount of vitamin b 12.[9] You can try any of the variations and get your body filled with vitamin b 12. If you love cheese, this is a cool and amazing remedy to increase vitamin b 12 in your body and get rid of all the deficiencies!


10. Mussels

Las but not at all the least, mussels is a yummy option which you can consider if you are willing to increase your vitamin b 12 content.[10] This amazing and super cool food is rich with vitamin b 12 and other such beneficial nutrients which would simply make your body fit and resistant to disease!