10 Best Weight Gain Pills Available In India


Half of the Indian population is either under weight or over weight. There are great concerns and anxiety among underweight persons is to attain the weight in correspondence with their age. Getting right weight means leading a normal healthy life without health issues. One of the easiest ways to gain weight is through pills. These are available in medical and supermarkets throughout the country. Most weight gaining pills contains oat powder, oat flour, protein, Carbs, fats and maltodextrain. These all help in gaining weight for you.

This Article Gives The List Best Weight Gain Pills In India

1. Health Tone, Weight Gain Capsules

These weight gain capsules help you to gain weight in 3 ways. One the capsules increase your appetite for meals, thus generating more calories to gain weight. Secondly, these capsules augment your digestion power, making you look for food often. The capsules also regulate your metabolism and weight.


2. Oxymetholone

This is the best pill to gain weight and its worth is tested in a German university. In a study conducted by the university of Essen’s department of Dermatology has proved the worthiness of this pill. In a study the department has given the drug to 3 groups of people. The first group taken the drug without help, while the second group given this pill in combination with a steroid called Ketotifen and third group given in the form of placebo. The result is gaining of weight in 14% excess for the first group over other two groups in a month.


3. Oxandrolone

The pill is available in a steroid and composite varieties. The drug is suitable for those who wants more weight, but with a rider. The drug is best for those who have undergone surgery after suffering from brutal illness. The pill is best to be taken with your regular diet, follow it up with an exercise. The method will increase your weight and in increased production of the protein. The more protein means an increase in muscle mass and the dosage amount increases after a few months.


4. Methyltestoterone

The Methyltestoterone pill helps in the improved production of testosterone. This is given in the popular website for drugs. During the initial days the drug is not prescribed for adding weight, but its popularity increased after seeing the results from the athletes, according to a leading e-networking medical website. The tablet is available in composite form and there is no condition to be taken with a meal. It causes a disturbance in your bowels, leading to an allergic reaction. The moments you feel the symptom stop using the pill and visit your doctor.


5. Ayurvedic Weight Gain Capsules

These Ayurvedic weight gain capsules are made with the following ingredients. Ashwagandha 100 mg, Gokshuru 100 mg, Kaucha 100 mg, Yastimadhu 25 mg, Vidarikand 50 mg and Safed Musli 100 mg. All the ingredients in the capsule help in improving the weight as well as regulating metabolism.


6. BSN True Mass

The true mass mix is rich in protein and act as an alternate to diet. It also contains a high amount of calories and nutrient. The mix is taken with water or any other drinks of your choice. Experts suggest you to this mix with milk, which is known for increasing protein and calorie. The ingredients aids in gaining weight in addition from its repair and recovery.


7. On Pro Complex Gainer

This pro complex is richer in calories than any other weight gaining mixes. The complex gainer also contains carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. These ingredients help you in gaining weight. When used daily it gives you 650 calories. The complex gainer is loaded with proteins from casein, egg and whey. The ingredients in the mix are known in giving you allergic reactions and should be checked. Do workouts and dosage with a help from a trainer.


8. Ultimate Nutrition, Muscle Juice

This is available in juice form and contain a mix of proteins with whey protein isolates and concentrates, calcium casein ate and an egg white albumin. The muscle juice also contains high quality carbohydrates and a mix of fat with MCT (Medium-chain triglyceride) oil. The muscle juice helps in improving your muscle growth, repair and in cable working condition. The MCT oil slowly increases the energy levels and at the same time controls the level of cholesterol in your body. The juice is best after doing rigorous workouts…


9. Nutrigain Plus Capsules

The capsules are rich in protein and enable you to add more weight.


10. Hashmi Herbal Weight Gain Capsules

The herbal based capsules are herbal based and suitable for people who suffer from eating disorders and anorexia. It gives no side effects apart from aiding your goal.


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